The hinge invented by Wilhelm Gronbach in 1962


1962Founding of the company by Herr Dipl.Ing. Wilhelm Gronbach as a construction office
1963Under patents for freezer hinges, production of the first parts and components for domestic appliances in Babenhausen/Württemberg
1964Relocation of production to Wasserburg/Inn and expansion into various product areas
1975Production start of fan wheels for driers
1982New construction in Wasserburg; expansion of production and installation of a powder coating facility
1985Transfer of company management to Herr Dipl.Ing. Wilfried Gronbach
1989Manufacture of refrigerator door handles
1993Installation of production for high-quality stainless steel fronts and doors
1996The workforce tops 500
1996Founding of Wilhelm GRONBACH GmbH & Co. KG in Kufstein/Tirol
1998Founding of GRONBACH Vertreibs GmbH as sales partner for the clientele
1999Construction of manufacturing plant in Niederndorf/Tirol
2000Relocating to the new building and closing of the Kufstein/Tirol site. Start of production of decorative aluminium surfaces. Constructions starts on the "Am Burgfrieden" in Wasserburg/Inn
2002Completion of new construction "Am Burgfrieden";
2003Production start of warming drawers
2004Founding of MICHATEK, k.s. in Michalovce , East Slovakia
2005Manufacture of shower panels as a sanitary industry partner
2006Opening of the competence centre "Grinding and Polishing Technology" for visible and reproducible aluminium components at the Wasserburg/Inn plant
2008Expansion of development competence in the field of thermal food preparation for domestic use at the Niederndorf site
2010The Group’s workforce reaches 650

Market presentation of the innovative furniture vacuum cleaner


Market presentation of the vacuum drawer

Launch of the innovative furniture vacuum cleaner

Expansion of the production facility a Michalovce

2015Launch of the vacuum drawer