Open Innovation

Partner Network

There is always a reliable network of partners behind any successful company. As a medium-sized company, we assume an active role in the fostering and further development of this network –on an inter-regional basis as well. The objective is to strengthen the innovative abilities of our clients and partners so that high performances are achieved, whether in product creation, staffing requirements or in sporting activities.

Our partner APPARATEBAU in South Tyrol produces hinges and telescopic rails in Italy. Beyond those, APPARATEBAU develops numerous kinematic parts for very wide range of applications. Barely any other company of this size offers such an extensive product range in this area, and it is therefore an ideal partner for our network. Convince yourself: APPARATEBAU

Innovationsverein querkraft

Since the company was founded almost 50 years ago due to the invention of a freezer hinge, “innovation” has been the principle underlying our operations. To be able to offer our clients the best possible solution, it is today more important than ever to develop and expand the methodology of innovation management. This is why we take part in the quer.kraft-Innovationsverein, so as to promote the Open-Innovation-Ansatz (Approach) and the management of ideas and/or innovations in general, together with other well-known companies.

Fair Company Wasserburg am Inn

The younger employees are the foundation for the future viability of a company. We are well aware of this responsibility as a company and promote valuable and stimulating contact with tomorrow’s colleagues. For this reasons we actively participate in the Fair Company initiative.

Seeoner Kreis GRONBACH

The Seeoner Kreis College forms the connecting bridge between medium-sized companies of the area and the college of Rosenheim with the goal of maximising the potential of future managerial staff to the full. Our support has helped the college to better adapt to the realities in practice and therefore make it easier for students to enter professionally into the industry. Targeted recruitment and youth development has resulted from this collaboration. 

Mitglied IHK München

As a member of the IHK, (Chamber of Industry and Commerce), our company and staff benefit from a wide range of offers and services. Training and information seminars underpin our on-going improvement process, in particular on topics such as safety in the workplace and further training.

GRONBACH sponsoring TSV Eiselfing

In the centre of things, not just present – we not only support the volleyball section of TSV Eiselfing as a partner but many of our workforce are also active players. The balance between leisure time and work plays an important role in GRONBACH’s company culture. Only people who are well-adjusted can deliver high performances, like the TSV ladies team.

VDE UL Partner

When it comes to the development of our equipment, we leave nothing to chance. As a part of the quality management we collaborate closely with the VDE and the UL concerning norms, directives and licensing of our equipment.