Supply Chain Management GRONBACH

Sourcing and Supplier Management

We collaborate with a network of suppliers and partners, who already propose innovative ideas during the product development stage and supply us reliably, flexibly and with quality without any problems during serial production. We build our relationships within a supplier management framework with precisely the aim of guaranteeing a secure and unrestricted procedure.

Disclosure of Information from the Supplier

Before we enter into a new business arrangement, we would appreciate it if you would furnish us with some basic information about your company by filling out the Disclosure of Information form.

Based on this disclosure of information, we will firstly gauge the existence of a quality management system as well as the requirement of an analysis of the potential of your company.

If you have any questions about our supplier management procedure or would like to make an offer, we are available at any time:


Download: Lieferantenselbstauskunft (Disclosure of Information Form)