Top quality is our claim for your satisfaction.  Numerous well-known brand-name companies have placed their trust in our tool-making competence over many years.  With the highest quality and reliability at all times, we work on our customers’ individual projects.  By request, we guide your project from the feasibility study to serial production.  Alongside, we also carry our FMEAs by request.

Project management

Project planning and development
Project planning and development

From the initial enquiry to the start of serial production, every project is supervised by a Project Leader who can provide you with regular status reports.  We place a high value on the cost/benefit ratio and the profitability for our customers.  We use high-grade steel, heat treatments, surface finishes and standards of well-known producers.  By request, we produce precise, customised testing equipment that will ensure a consistent quality for your serial parts.

Competence portfolio

Due to our modern, well-equipped machines, we can utilise all of our experience across diverse fields.

  • Stamp- and forming tools
  • Composite tools
  • Injection moulds
  • Devices
  • Testing of tools in our production
  • Injection moulding
  • Surface finishing
  • Pilot series production
  • Series production

These will be developed close to production, together with our Engineering Department, and designed to be fit-for-practice.