Einbaukaffeautomat Siemens

Built-in coffee machines

For certain well-known clients, we develop and manufacture built-in coffee machines that are of the highest quality as regards their workmanship and performance. Frontal designs are always according to customer specifications and, if desired, we can deliver the appropriate heating drawer at the same time.

Brewing Unit

Customized Solutions for built-in coffe machines
Customized Solutions

A question of taste! The brewing unit is the heart of every coffee machine. In this respect, we can rely on the many years of experience our partners. We will also gladly integrate the existing systems into the machine.



You receive everything from one source with us, from the development stage to the production and certification and the performance tests, including packaging and installation instructions.

Design and Function

Fully Automatic Coffee Machine with warming drawer
Fully Automatic Coffee Machine with warming drawer

Your specifications define the design as well as the control module. Special assemblies also present no problems. Our applications engineers will gladly advise you on the present trends for the surfaces.