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Furniture vacuum cleaner

Normal vacuum cleaners need a lot of storage space and are cumbersome to carry or drag. Centralised vacuum cleaner installations are expensive and elaborate to install. Not the case with the furniture vacuum cleaner from GRONBACH. The machine goes under almost every piece of furniture, is child’s play to install and is always immediately ready to use.

Use a broom to sweep the dirt in front of the socket opening. The flap opens by briefly touching the sensor and the dirt is automatically vacuumed away. The flap closes again when the process is finished.

Simple installation

Furniture Vacuum Cleaner
Furniture Vacuum Cleaner

Thanks to its compact and flat design, the vacuum goes under almost every furniture base. It compensates for uneven floors and only requires a power outlet.

Intuitive changing of the dirt bag

Furniture Vacuum Cleaner: Changing the dirt bag
Changing the dirt bag

An LED light will tell you when the dirt bag is full. Pull the machine out and open the service flap. Change the bag in the same way as in conventional vacuum cleaners. 

Fields of application

Furniture Vacuum cleaner: Use in the kitchen
Use in the kitchen

The furniture vacuum cleaner is best used where dirt most often occurs: in the kitchen, the hallway, under the wood stove, in the garage or the hobby workshop. The furniture vacuum cleaner is a great help, in particular for older people. The machine can also be retrofitted at any time.

Further informations

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