Kühlschrank Gaggenau


Whether it is a top-quality designer refrigerator or a practical freezer, we have the right solutions to hand. We have been recognised as an innovative partner in the domestic appliance industry for decades, whether for the finishing of the refrigerator housing, the manufacture of handles, or for our hinges and opening systems.

Housing finishing and assembly

Refrigerator with stainless steel front
Stainless Steel Front

We can offer the right solution: aluminium and stainless steel housing. If desired, we can also carry out the final assembly, including performance testing and packaging.


Synthetic handle for fridges
Synthetic Handle

We have got it all in hand: the whole processing chain from the mechanical work to the finishing and assembly is covered by us. Our long-standing experience in the treatment of aluminium, stainless steel and synthetics really comes into its own. You benefit from this logistically and qualitatively.


Freezer Hinge
Freezer Hinge

When it comes to innovative opening systems, we leave nothing to chance. Our partner company, a leading manufacturer of kinematic components, backs us up in the realisation of your projects. With us, you therefore receive everything from one source.