Built-in Vacuum Drawer

Built-in Vacuum Drawer

Vacuum-packing not only extends the lifetime of food, but it also protects the goodness in it. Large appliances may produce a good vacuum, but they take up lots of space. Small stand-along devices are more manageable, but unfortunately their performance has been weak. Until now. Now there is the new vacuum-packer from
GRONBACH: so small that it fits in a drawer.

Fits every kitchen front

Compact design: Built-in Vacuum Drawer
Compact design

With a height of only 140 mm, the vacuum drawer can also be retro-fitted in almost every kitchen line. For our OEM customers, we can fit the vacuum drawer to customised dimensions and the designs of your own appliance ranges.

Vacuums conserve food naturally

Sous-vide dishes
Sous-vide dishes

With a cooking pouch and the vacuum drawer from GRONBACH, you can extend the lifetime of meat, vegetables or herbs in a totally naturally manner.

For delicious sous-vide dishes

Vacuum-packed meals can be particularly tenderly prepared: vacuum-pack the meal first in the vacuum drawer and then allow it cook at a low temperature in a steam
cooker. The vitamins and minerals will be preserved and the vegetables will stay crunchy. Your steaks will be exceptionally tender with a strong taste.