swing2cook – The designer kitchen constructed from aluminium

The aluminium kitchen swing2cook uniquely combines the advantages of a built-in kitchen with those of a flexible compact kitchen. At only 2.15 metres, it needs extraordinarily little space, but despite that, it provides the comforts of a top-quality built-in kitchen. Swing2cook is therefore ideal for anyone with little space who doesn’t want to compromise on functionality or an elegant kitchen design.

Swivelling work surface

Rotatable Work Surface
Rotatable Work Surface

The defining feature of this exceptional kitchen is a 180 degree rotatable working surface. With this swing system, only one movement can turn a small compact kitchen into a spacious living room kitchen with an integrated dining table.

High-quality workmanship

Aluminium Front
Aluminium Front

The surfaces are finished with anodic oxidisation and the optical contrasts interplay cleverly. The work surface and the rotating arm are constructed from solid wood and emphasise the refined look of the kitchen. In addition, of course, the UNIQcase aluminium drawers are also from GRONBACH 


swing2cook design kitchen
Fully equipped
  • Ceramic hob with hob ventilation
  • Steam cooker
  • Refrigerator
  • Waste system

Other appliance models can be built in if desired.