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Synthetic fan wheels, rotation

Fan Wheels from GRONBACH

In the 1970s, we began with the first synthetic injections of fan wheels. Since then, development has been constantly evolving and over 100 million fan wheels have left our production facilities. And of such high quality that balancing the wheels is in most cases no longer necessary, which guarantees perfectly true running over the entire lifetime.

To construct a good fan wheel, first of all good designers and engineers are needed. And we have them. Our engineers are experienced, technically skilled and knowledgeable about the requirements of many fields. They can certainly design an economical, first-class technological solution to fit your requirements.


flow-optimised geometry, simulation
Optimal Components

A fan wheel must operate - as far as is possible - silently, energy-efficiently and for a long time. This is why we carry out a simulation during the design phase – to ensure the optimal manufacture of the fan wheels.

  • Mould flow analysis for optimal flow characteristics for the components and injection moulds
  • Numerical simulation procedures ANSYS for flow-optimised geometry of fans and blades.
  • For particularly tricky cases, we can call on our exceptional partners from the worlds of science and research
  • To enable us to estimate the manufacturing and installation properties of the fan wheels at an early stage, we carry out an analysis of fault probability and fault effect (abbreviated to FMEA)

Customised Solutions

injection moulding machine, injection die moulding, tool manufacturing
Customised Solutions

To be able to satisfy the many applications and specifications of our customers, we have an excellent infrastructure and exceptional technical equipment at our disposal in our workshops. Therefore, we are able to manufacture precision tools for a multitude of different fan wheel variations:

  • tools for fan wheels with a diameter from 30 to 250 millimetres
  • tools for conventional de-mouldable fan wheels, as well as for complex slide tools
  • tools for fan wheels and wheels with welded discs
  • measuring and testing equipment for serial production quality control

Innovative Hub Technology

Innovative hub technology for Synthetics fan wheels
Innovative Hub Technology

The hub is the technological heart of all fan wheels. Our experience allows us to always construct hubs with an optimal connection to the motor shaft. To make possible production that is both economical and in large quantities, we employ automatic lathes incorporating the latest technology. We produce hubs out of the most varied of materials such as stainless steel, die-cast zinc, sintered metal or aluminium, as required, and we can thus render possible almost every conceivable hub design. Ultimately, a technically well-thought out hub is indispensable for a clean, synchronous operation of the fan wheel.

Service and Quality Support

Measuring Equipment for radial- and axial running tests
Measuring Equipment

On completion of the fan wheels, however, we are still far from finished.

  • We also accompany and support you beyond our factory hall, as far as logistics and quality assurance are concerned.
  • We design and manufacture measuring devices for quality assurance.
  • We conduct radial and axial running tests.
  • We determine CpK values to ensure attaining your internal specification aims.
  • We record and communicate all relevant measurement data.
  • We supply disposable or re-usable packaging as required.
  • We deliver ship-to-line with documentation from the serial quality testing.