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Foil Back Injection, Back Injection

Back-Injection Moulding – Technology of the Future

We have been processing sheet metal since the first days of our company. We mastered injection moulding of synthetics in the 70s and we have our own assembly hall for the bonding of various materials. We are now combining this knowledge in a new way for synthetics hybrid technology and we are able to unite different materials into one component, thus benefiting from the advantages of each specific material.

This process provides a high level of freedom of design, substance-to-substance bonding, the integration of functions and much more. Together, we can develop the best and most economical technique for your component. 

Metal Foil – Decorative Diversity

Metal Foil Back Injection, Foil Back Injection
Foil Back Injection

You desires really have no limits here. Back-injection of foils allows you to select from a multitude of colours and designs, to integrate your logo, to freely imprint the component with your own ideas, and to integrate functional elements. But that is not all – foils also increase the scratch resistance of your components.

Sheet Back-Injection – the supreme discipline of our technicians

Sheet Back-Injection
Sheet Back-Injection

Sheet back-injection is our speciality. All our knowledge of moulding and forming of materials comes into play here, combined with equipment for the application of bonding agents that we designed ourselves. All the steps required for this process are therefore brought together in our company. Where else can you find that?

Glass Back-Injection – something brilliant for specific applications

Glass Back-Injection
Glass Back-Injection

For all those who are looking for something special: we also back-inject glass. For a long time now, we have been bonding high-quality glass. Now we have developed glass back-injection for specific applications.

Individuality in Serial Production

metal foil back injection process
Hybrid Technology Process

GRONBACH can propose a whole range of surfaces for aluminium and stainless steel. We employ the most up-to-date mechanical as well as chemical processes, such as anodising procedures. We master the most varied of printing techniques and employ robot-controlled grinding and polishing equipment to ensure 100% reproducibility. There are almost no limits as far as your wishes in form, colour and structure are concerned! In combination with the back-injection process, we can produce customised solutions of the highest quality – either in small or large quantities. For your appliance, synthetics hybrid technology from GRONBACH also means:

  • no compromises in design and material
  • injection moulding with a high level of automation
  • certainty of spare parts for years to come