aluresist oberflaechenbeschichtung

aluresist – spots on aluminium have no chance!

We’re sure you’ve already heard that aluminium quickly loses its shine in acidic or alkaline conditions, the metal surfaces are attacked and more and more spots appear. That is now a thing of the past!

aluresist is a special coating which gives more resistance to spots of all types. Calcium build-up is history and acids or bleach have also virtually no effect on this surface.

alureist is transparent and can be used on every aluminium surface whilst having almost no effect on the design.

Fields of application aluresist:

  • Drip trays for domestic appliances
  • Shower panels in the sanitary field
  • Automotive and sports equipment industries
  • Medical Technology
  • Architecture


We can develop functional surfaces for you

We are constantly developing new coating processes to be able to offer you fresh problem-solving approaches for functionality and resistance.

We at GRONBACH see ourselves as a development partner and problem solver, even for tricky applications. We have at our disposal an excellent network of partners from the fields of component geometry, materials research, applications techniques and surface design. Together, we develop new material properties that will satisfy your requirements – personalised and custom-made:

  • Agent-resistant surfaces
  • Anti-bacterial surfaces
  • Non-stick solutions
  • Easy-to-clean