Blende Pulverbeschichtet

Powder coating of the highest standards

GRONBACH is one of the leading suppliers of powder coated components. We can even carry out the coating of demanding design components. Our automated production process guarantees top-quality workmanship that we can reproduce at any time.

With our Easy-to-clean powder coating you can offer your clients many excellent advantages. Convince yourself!

Easy-to-clean – dirt has no chance

Fields of Application Easy-to-clean powder
Fields of Application

The concentrated cross linkage of Easy-to-clean makes it difficult for dirt to accumulate and makes cleaning the surfaces easier. Even permanent markers leave no trace. You can thus save your clients cleaning costs as well as a lot of time.

A multitude of colours and powder varieties

RAL-Powder Varieties
RAL-Powder Varieties

All standard RAL colours as well as special variants are available on request and a just-in-time service is on offer for standard colours. We use polyurethane, polyethylene, epoxy and mixed powders in the Easy-to-clean, hot fat powder and standard variants. 

Easy-to-clean - ideal for surfaces prone to dirt:

Universal Cutting Equipment powder coated
Universal Cutting Equipment

Easy-to-clean is ideal for products requiring high levels of hygiene and cleanliness, such as domestic appliances, vending machines, switchboards, surgical and hospital equipment, office furniture or garden equipment. Even professional disinfectants and cleaning products have virtually no effect on the coating.