Ätztechnik Aluminium


How would you like a multi-coloured metal surface with unique haptic features? No problem for GRONBACH! Using our 3D surfacing process we render aluminium into a sensual experience and create exceptional visual effects. GRONBACH also makes it possible to put coloured structures onto the surface even if the base material is a completely different colour. Seamlessly. Unbeatable benefits for resistance and recycling can be gained from this monocoque construction method.


3D-Branding etching technology

You would like your company logo in 3D and made out of the same alloy as the base material but with a totally different look? With our special etching process, it is possible! We then oxidise the entire component and thus create particularly resistant surfaces combined with a three-dimensional logo. 


Ineloxal-Printing Aluminium

We use the Ineloxal (anodising) process for multi-coloured surfaces. After the design has been put onto the surface, we seal the oxidised layer. In this way, the surfaces become more resistant, even under demanding mechanical or chemical conditions.

Fields of application

GRONBACH design solutions such as emotionALu are found in areas that have exceptional demands on load and design, in architecture, Hi-Fi equipment, high-quality furniture fronts and mouldings as well as in the branding of products, control modules or embossed printing.