GRONBACH develops and manufactures optimised products from assemblies, according to the customers’ specifications, and prepares them for installation. Due to our professional project management, we can execute short runs of specific products with the same care as with serial production. One of our core skills in the manufacture of complex assemblies is the bonding technology required for combining glass, synthetics and metal, as well as the welding technology – without annealing colours – for stainless steel panels in the high-end visible sector.

Overview of our product range

  • Coffee machine housings
  • Coffee machine fronts
  • Steam oven doors for the gastronomic sector
  • Microwave oven doors
  • Drawers
  • Shelving systems

We manufacture particularly demanding assemblies such as steam oven and microwave doors, fronts for built-in, fully automatic coffee machines, and housings for professional coffee machines. The complicated steam oven doors and panels are designed and manufactured by GRONBACHAUSTRIA according to the specifications of the customers of well-respected appliance manufacturers in the professional gastronomy sector. The precise development of the assemblies guarantees a high degree of durability and energy efficiency. Heat-loss is minimised by the reflection-coated triple glass, while maximum functionality is assured through electromagnetic hinges, integrated electronic components and an intelligent LED lighting system.


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