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GRONBACH’s mechanical components are characterised by their precise dimensional tolerance, their durability and their high levels of operational comfort. Our products can be used where they can be seen and also as ready-to-install functional components. Amongst other products, we manufacture stainless steel decorative elements using stamping and bending techniques, various drawer/pull-out systems, milled parts for the lighting industry and automated-produced built-in hinges for microwave doors.

  • Door sills
  • Door handles
  • Exterior parts
  • Interior lighting parts
  • frames
  • handles
  • hinges
  • pull-out systems
  • design elements
  • Storage solutions
  • Mountings
  • Complete lights with functional testing
  • Designer lamp bases
  • Racks and covers
  • Doors and frames
  • OEM devices
  • Components and assemblies
  • Moulded components
  • Injection moulding
  • Door sills
  • Interior lighting parts
  • Frames
  • Handles
  • Hinges
  • Pull-out systems
  • Design elements
  • Storage solutions
  • Mountings
  • Complete lights with functional testing
  • Designer lamp bases

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Development of Hinges


GRONBACH in Laag has been producing functional, durable and cost-efficient hinges for many years, for domestic appliances such as ovens or freezers, for laboratory equipment, and for specific pieces of furniture. Our freezer hinge S58, invented in the 1970s and used all over the world, is characterised by its optimal combination of power transmission and angle setting and also by its particularly quiet action and durability. The proven technology of the S58 has been further enhanced in the S58D freezer hinge model by increasing the ease of operation with an adaptive damper, permitting the use of the soft-close function.

The curved hinges G1 and G2 employ path and power controlled kinematics. The power is transmitted by a spring and in this way only the spring needs to be matched to the weight of the door, rather than the whole hinge. Due to its compact construction and the hidden hinge mechanism, this hinge can also be used in the most confined of spaces. Moreover, our eHinge model incorporates the option of electro-mechanically opening and closing doors by simply touching a sensor surface.

Our hinge solutions

Development of Pull-out Rails and Runners

Pull-out Rails and Runners

Another of Laags main products are runner systems for ovens with the Smartlock-System. The baking tray remains stable when the rails are pulled out. A locking lever snaps into place, holding the inner and outer runners in the fully extended position and stopping the baking tray from sliding back, as well as preventing one or the other runner from sliding when placing or removing the baking tray. The system is also available in a cost-optimised partial pull-out variant, and also without the smart-lock.

With the innovative installation technology ‘smartlevel’, it is possible to install the pull-out system onto the existing shelf support system without altering the rack height. The food is thus always at an optimal height without the user having to sacrifice the comfort of a complete or partial runner system. As an option, we also provide the smartlevel system with a freely positionable grill tray.

Extendable rail systems at a glance

Development of Pull-out Rails and Runners

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