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Our hinge systems are used in countless applications, especially in the’white goods’ sector, worldwide in a wide variety of variants and designs. Our domestic hinges ensure horizontal or vertical installation in doors or chassis and are therefore fully glass-compatible. Our force-controlled solutions can be integrated almost invisibly into small chassis or doors. The perfect balance is ensured by dampers for soft end positions and the intelligent force control ensures easy opening with low resistance. For example, oven doors do not have to be dismantled for cleaning. In addition, our hinges are heat-resistant and can support loads of up to 30kg. Hinge solutions with up to 100,000 movement cycles are available on request.
As an experienced specialist in kinematics, we are constantly developing completely new solutions for our customers. We adapt kinematic components exactly to your specifications and offer you force-controlled solutions of any projects.

Freezer Hinge S58

Freezer hinge S58

The S58 hinge combines optimum power transmission and angular position and is characterised by particularly quiet running and a long service life – and this for more than 50 years.
The freezer hinge is convincing:

  • Intelligent force distribution: high braking force due to conical brake in conjunction with the rocker construction. This reduces the resistance when opening the freezer lid
  • Individualized: According to customer specifications, we design the S58 hinge with specific hole pattern

Fields of application:

  • Freezers
  • Housing lids for laboratory devices, e.g. in medical technology

Freezer hinge S58D

Our basic hinge S58 was additionally equipped with an adaptive damper for additional operating comfort..

That means:

  • Intelligent force distribution by reducing the resistance when opening
  • Optimum safety thanks to the integrated damper function. This prevents fingers from getting trapped. Ideal in the point-of-sale area
  • We also supply the S58D to our customers with a specific hole pattern on request
  • The damper construction can be configured for almost all cover types

Oven door hinge G1

Oven door hinge G1

The G1 curved hinge uses track and force-controlled kinematics which are controlled by the curved path. In this case, the force is transmitted thru a spring, so that only this has to be adapted to the weight of the door and not the complete hinge. Well-known household appliance manufacturers have been swearing by this mechanism for many years.

The benefits:

  • The appliance door forms a unit with the hinge, so the door can be easily removed for installation purposes
  • At an opening angle between 20° and 70°, the door remains in any position
  • The basic hinge can be adapted to almost any door weight by simply changing the spring
  • The patented hinge brake ensures increased hysteresis

Fields of application:

  • Household appliance industry, e.g. for oven doors
  • Machinery construction

Oven door hinges G2 smartcurve®

Our curved hinge G2 is characterised by a torque curve which is controlled by the turning movement and adapts perfectly to the oven door. The force is transmitted via the spring. So, for example, so-called ‘grill stops’ can be implemented and the oven door itself feels ‘weightless’. All this distinguishes our smartcurve® technology.

The benefits:

  • Thanks to the slim hinge, it can be easily integrated into existing housing structures
  • Thanks to the compact design, the hinge can be integrated virtually invisibly into the design of the front and thus enables the use of large glass surfaces
  • Thanks to the housing construction and plastic cover in the pivoting area, hygiene is completely maintained
  • The hinge is also available as a ‘soft-open-and-close’ variant G2-D with damper
  • Stability and quality: The dampers and the kinematic components are tested separately before assembly

Oven door ehinge

Oven door hinge ehinge

With the innovative ehinge hinge, the oven door can be opened via an electromechanical drive by simply touching the sensor surface, e.g. via the elbow, so that the hands can remain free. In addition, baking oven doors can be opened manually using the servo support of an ergonomic opening process on the handle. Another highlight: In conjunction with a special baking program, the oven door opens automatically after the cooking process to ventilate the food – without touching it!

The opening and closing process can be operated and programmed as desired without handles using the operating button, remote control or app. Ideal for the modern kitchen.

Fields of application:

  • Household applications, e.g. oven doors
  • Doors for electrical appliances of all kinds

Other hinges

On behalf of our customers we develop and manufacture kinematic components, e.g.:

  • Pivot hinges for side opening doors of built-in appliances, such as microwaves and ovens
  • Plug-in hinges without plastic components for very hot environments, e.g. on stoves
  • Heavy duty hinges up to 30kg
  • Closed hinge systems for hygienically demanding applications
  • Soft system hinges for freezers, photocopiers and medical devices
  • Soft smart hinges for heavy doors in mechanical and plant engineering

Manufacturer, producer and supplier of hinges

Service portfolio

  • Feasibility studies
  • Drafting of specifications
  • Design development
  • System definition
  • Prototyping
  • Internal testing laboratory for preparation of approval according to the requirements of international testing institutes (e.g. VDE, UL)
  • Implementation of the required approvals and certifications
  • Product life cycle analysis with service parts planning
  • Means of production planning
  • Personal customer support by a permanent project team and key account manager
  • Coordination of the entire value chain
  • Series production
  • Spare parts supply



Technologies in the field of kinematics

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  • Hinges
  • Development of special kinematics