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We have been specialists in the industrial metal processing of stainless steel and aluminium (turning, milling, stamping) for more than 50 years and offer our customers in the medical industry innovative solutions for the production of precision parts of complex geometries, gapless back-moulding with plastics, the manufacture of specific impellers and complex components (device housings, medical cabinets, drawers, doors, fronts, panels, etc.) in small and large series.

Our possibilities are as diverse as medical technology itself.
Our manufacturing technologies and products:

Metal processing medical industry



Our modern machine pool is at your disposal even for complex geometries and 3D designs made of stainless steel and aluminium. This enables us to produce sophisticated customer-specific components and moulded parts made to measure.
An excerpt of our production competences:

  • Sheet metal processing via CNC (cutting, forming, punching, nibbling, lasering)
  • Presses from 50-500t (eccentric, servo, hydraulic)
  • Bending (press brakes, bending robots and fully automatic bending cells) and deep drawing
  • Turning, milling and sawing (automatic saws, CNC lathes, 5-axis milling machines)
  • Robot grinding and polishing systems
Metal processing medical industry

Supplier to the medical sector Medical industry


Since the 1970s we have mastered the injection moulding of plastic and the bonding of various materials. Our back-injection technology enables us to produce hygienic connections between stainless steel, aluminium and plastic or even glass without gaps (as a real innovation in 2018).

For medical industries, this means:
Gap-free connections → high hygiene factor

In the field of ventilation technology, GRONBACH also produces specific fan impellers with hubs, fan systems and turbines without imbalance, e.g. for cooling or heating units and ventilation systems.

Manufacturer and supplier of medical devices and components


In addition to individual components for metal processing and plastics technology, we are also your contact for the development, design and supply of complex components, e.g. doors for medical equipment, cold and heat drawers, handles, bowls, hinges and much more.

Manufacturer and supplier of medical devices and components

Medical industry Metalworking


  • Mapping of the complete value chain
  • Cross-location quality management system. Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Cross-functional integration of project and quality management tools
  • Various testing and measuring laboratories (e.g. 3D scans, corrosion tests, mold flow analyses)
  • Endurance tests, material proofs, validations and initial sample tests
  • Flexible sample and prototype construction
  • Electronics development and electrical testings
  • Supply chain management

Quality and precision