You have an innovative business idea and are on the point of development?
We at GRONBACH have the necessary manufacturing know-how and tools for your device or product.
Let´s start together!


The world needs fresh and innovative ideas. The rapid development of our society demands continuously better products or alternatives with outstanding added value and contemporary functions, especially through digitalisation and consideration of ecological values.
And this is exactly the idea you have! The perfect entry into the symbiosis with GRONBACH. Therefore, we are looking for motivated founders, doers, developers and strong personalities who would like to develop their product idea together with us and/or manufacture it in series.



At GRONBACH we take care of the development and/or series production of (OEM) devices, products or individual components. Our sites in Austria an Slovakia are your specialists in this field. Another focus is on the production of components made of metal (stainless steel, aluminium) or plastic. In addition, we are professionals in the surface refinement of metal and even in the development of ventilation systems. We work as a full-service supplier – from the idea to basic development, conception, design, series production and spare parts delivery. And that of complete devices or individual components.



The following fields of action form the basis of our cooperation:
Device developments in combination with e.g.

  • Beverage and fluid systems
  • Heating/Cooking
  • Cooling, Freezing
  • Vacuum and ventilation
  • integrated fans or blower systems
  • integrated kinematics (e.g. hinges, pull-out rails etc.)
  • …but also any alternative devices that fit to our production competences
Startup Business partner



The following innovative devices and products, among others, have been developed in recent decades from earlier projects, both from our own ideas and from customers:

  • Warming drawers
  • Vacuum drawers
  • Cooking hobs and downdraft extraction systems
  • Built-in toaster
  • Fully automatic coffee makers
  • Vertical Farming device
  • Utensils drawer
  • Fitness bar
  • Cooker hob lighting
  • Luminaires
  • Shelf systems and interior partitions for drawers
  • Electric hinges and height-adjustable drawer slides for ovens
  • Ventilation wheels and doors for a wide range of devices



First Pitch

In the first step, you send us your idea in order to provide us with a first sketch. Of course, this will be done completely confidentially and with the signing of a non-disclosure agreement, if desired.

First get-together

After checking the feasibility, we would like to meet you for a personal conversation. In this phase we will clarify the necessary steps and procedures together.


Now it’s time to get down to business, i.e. we jointly determine the individual steps of development, production and, if necessary, after-sales phase.


Our cooperation is fixed? Excellent, then we can start soon with the production of your idea after the contract agreement!


With a strong spirit of research, we continuously realize new ideas through our professional project management and accompany your ideas and projects from the first minute to the need-based series production and delivery.

  • Requirement analysis in coordination with the customer
  • Smart home connection and App programming
  • Technology, patent and market research
  • Testing and measuring laboratory for electrical, thermal and mechanical devices
  • Application technology and usability tests
  • Device approval, e.g. VDE, UL, CSA
  • Tool making and assembly
  • Supply chain management
  • …and – we are always available!


Contact us now in phase 1 (first pitch) and submit your business idea. You can describe it briefly in the following contact form so that we can get a first impression: