Trainee industrial management assistant reports on various marketing tasks

When training as an industrial management assistant, you will pass through all departments of the company – including the marketing department. There you will get to know the essential procedures and aspects of B2B marketing.

B2B marketing means business to business. This means that a company sells its products to other companies and is therefore a supplier.
Another type of marketing is called B2C marketing, i.e. Business to Customer. This means that the company sells its products to the end consumer.

An important aspect is online marketing. One task is to maintain the various social media accounts and to publish current news. GRONBACH, for example, has accounts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many more.
The website also needs to be maintained and constantly updated as the product range expands and changes or some sections become obsolete. The website should not only be up-to-date, but also appealing and modern, so that the visitor feels comfortable and stays on the site.

In order for the visitor to find his way around the website quickly, it must be clearly and uniformly designed.

The ideal structure of a page starts with the question WHY.
– Why is our company best suited?
– What is our motivation?
– What are the differences from others?

The next question is HOW.
– How do we realize our promises?

And at the end WHAT.
– What do we make?
– What can we do (punching, bending,…)?

At the very end, it is important that the interesting person is asked to take action (CTA – Call to Action), for example by means of a form or a button, with which he can, for example, access a special linking page.

Equally important for marketing is search engine optimization. The website must be linked with many different keywords so that the search engine, such as Google, can crawl it perfectly. This means that if someone is looking for automotive suppliers, for example, our website should be as high up as possible so that everyone can quickly find us or be suggested as a potential supplier.

In order for our website to be optimally designed, there are various websites that enable us to do this. For example the page Google Analytics – it shows how many users visit the website and how long they are there on average and a lot of other information that helps the company to design the website in the best possible way for the users.
In addition to online marketing, there is also offline marketing. Here, brochures are created for trade fairs. In addition, various graphics are created for brochures, for example, but also for online marketing (website).

The goal of marketing is to make the GRONBACH name better known and to win potential new customers.


“Working in marketing is versatile and exciting, because you get many interesting insights behind the scenes of a website”

, says Veronika S. Trainee Industrial Clerk.

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