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GRONBACH develops downdraft extraction systems and cooking hobs for all types of cooking styles, both as ordered by customers and on our own initiative. Based on our network of ceramics and electronics suppliers, and with a modern production line with a high degree of automation, our site in Niederndorf produces cost-efficient, large-scale production models as well as exclusive models with sophisticated original materials.

Designer Kochfelder und Abzugssysteme

Alternative ceramic materials

By using alternative ceramic materials, GRONBACH is able to provide an innovative solution for integrating the induction technology into the kitchen work surface. The layout and the cooking area itself can be customised. Furthermore, the customer may freely choose specific controls themselves as well as the printing and the entire ceramic design.

Hob lighting

In cooperation with Schott, we have developed a system that uses the cooking hob’s outer edges to provide information. The operational status of the cooking zone as well as the operational temperature level, and, where appropriate, the amount of residual heat still present are all visually displayed.
Genau wie das Design des Rahmens oder die Farbe der Ausgussmasse sind auch die LEDs und die Art der Informationsübertragung durch den Kunden frei wählbar:

Scope of service

  • Domino hobs
  • Standard hobs and special sizes
  • Cooking hobs with downdraft extraction
  • Cooking hobs with induction, gas or radiant heating system

Manufacturer of cooktops

Further informations

You can find additional information on our research, development and design competencies, our quality management and production technologies in the furniture sector in our brochures, which you can order free of charge. In addition, our competent staff will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about our company network.

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