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As an OEM appliance manufacturer, we develop and manufacture so-called ‘white goods’ for numerous well-known companies. GRONBACH in Niederndorf and Michalovce can call upon the highest level of expertise in the domain of appliance development or conception.

As a systems supplier, we take on the entire development, production and logistics processes for our customers, including the supply chain for possible parts suppliers as well. Our competency is derived from our long-standing experience in the development and production of assemblies and complete appliances as well as our many international contacts with suppliers to well-known manufacturers of domestic appliances and industrial applications.

Entwicklung OEM-Geräte Vakuumschublade

Vacuum drawer

Our vacuum drawer enables gentle preparation and natural preservation of food. It was developed in Niederndorf and is now in series production at our Slovakian site.

The biggest advantage of the drawer over other vacuum units is its compact design and pressure control. In contrast to most free-standing devices, our vacuum drawer does not only vacuum the bag itself, but the entire chamber – thus no pressure difference affects the food during vacuuming. In this way, foods with a high liquid content or even completely liquid foods (soups, sauces, etc.) can also be vacuumed.

Vacuum drawers in detail

Warming drawer Smart Home Appliances

Production of warming drawers

Warming drawer

The warming drawers are produced in series at the Slovakian location and are subject to continuous further development. They are perfect for preheating dishes or keeping food warm. Visually, the warming drawer fits beautifully into the kitchen front alongside other household appliances such as fully automatic coffee makers, steamers or ovens thanks to its precisely fitting installation and fine workmanship.

The front can be individually designed according to the design wishes of our OEM customers. The three basic models Basis, Premium and ELA offer freedom to present the respective brand philosophy.

Further information about our warming drawers

Cooking hobs and Downdraft Extraction System

GRONBACH in Niederndorf develops downdraft extraction systems and hobs for all types of heating both on behalf of customers and on its own initiative. Based on a broad network of suppliers for ceramics and electronics, our site in Niederndorf produces both cost-driven large series and exclusive solutions equipped with precious real materials on a modern production line with a high degree of automation.
By using alternative ceramic materials, we offer an innovative solution for invisible integration of induction technology into the kitchen worktop. The layout and position of the cooking areas can be individually adjusted. In addition, the customer can freely choose specific control elements as well as printing and also the complete ceramic design.

Cooking hobs and extraction systems in detail

Cooking hobs and Downdraft Extraction System

Fully automatic coffee machines

Fully automatic coffee machines

In cooperation with well-known partners, GRONBACH in Niederndorf bundles well-founded know-how in the development and production of fully automatic coffee machines. We supply a wide range of design-oriented functional components and assemblies, from complete high-end built-in fully automatic coffee machines to espresso machines for the catering trade and the office. Both the design and the operating unit are completely in accordance with the specifications of our customers and we are happy to advise on possibilities of cost optimization in the production and supply chain.

More information about fully automatic coffee machines

Vertical Farming

Our location in Slovakia participated in the development of the Plantcube of Agrilution, a device for the domestic cultivation of salads, herbs and other rearing products. The focus was on the development of the metal frame as well as on the development of technical improvements within the industrialization measures for the start of series production. Since the optimization we have been manufacturing the Plantcube in series.

Details about the Plantcube on

Vertical Farming OEM

Manufacturer, supplier, producer and supplier of OEM equipment for the catering trade

Range of services

  • Feasibility analyses
  • Drafting of performance and system specifications
  • Design development
  • System definition
  • Prototype production
  • Internal testing facility for the preparation of licensing according to the requirements of international test institutes (e.g. VDE, UL)
  • Acquisition of the required licensing and certification
  • Product life-cycle analysis and spare parts planning
  • Production equipment planning
  • Personal customer care with a fixed project team and Key-Account-Manager
  • Coordination of the entire supply chain
  • Serial production
  • Spare parts supply

Further informations

You can find additional information about our research, development and design competencies, our quality management and production technologies in our brochures, which you can order free of charge. In addition, our competent staff will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about our company network.


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