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Open up new markets through high-quality surfaces

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Plastics are one of the most frequently used materials for mainstream products and devices.
But how about giving your products or appliances a facelift with a noble aluminium or stainless steel housing or purposefully placed applications? As an alternative to plastic, metal offers a perfect variation to existing or new products and offers manufacturers the opportunity to enter the premium segment, e.g. with a new product line, expansion of the portfolio or diversification.
In this respect, GRONBACH is your partner for individual housings or design applications to open up a new customer or buyer group. We use the noble aesthetics and haptics of metal to enhance your product.

Reasons for metal
Metals such as aluminium and stainless steel convey noble aesthetics, valuable haptics and combine criteria such as robustness, durability, quality, exclusivity and timeless modern design. Metals are therefore suitable for groups of buyers who attach great importance to quality and design in everyday life.

From standard housing to design housing

Companies that think out of the box and are looking for alternatives to the mainstream can open up new buyer groups for the premium segment with design products and housings made of high-quality anodised aluminium or coated stainless steel. In practice, this results in a ‘Basic Line’ of products and equipment as well as a ‘Premium Line’ that expands the product range and opens up new sales perspectives. With GRONBACH your company is also able to use these economic advantages for itself. As a manufacturer of metal design housings, we set the aspects of design thinking for industrial design and work completely independent of the industry.

Examples of case finishing in the entertainment industry

Basic productPossible variants after the facelift
(Exemplary representation. Design variants via anodised and mechanically refined aluminium)
Example II
Basic productPossible variants after the facelift
(Exemplary representation. Design variants via anodised and mechanically refined aluminium)
Your advantages:

  • Redesign of existing products, devices, bodies, visible elements, components, surfaces
  • Setting of specific optical accents, e.g. through metal strips, buttons, fronts
  • Complete device developments for the premium segment
  • Housing variants for the premium range
  • Conveying haptic properties and cool-touch effects
  • Added value: Integration of lighting, sensor technology and electronic functionalities
  • Entry into the premium area for your products or variation
  • Less expensive use of materials due to the elimination of plastic
  • Opening up new markets and target groups
  • Growth potentials

Our technologies:

  • Mechanical production of components made of aluminium, steel, stainless steel
  • Mechanical finishing of surfaces (blasting, polishing, brushing etc.)
  • Our own anodising plant for anodising aluminium in various degrees of gloss and colour spectra
  • Powder coating in our own factory
  • Laser processing, e.g. for integrated or raised logos, lettering and brandings
  • Gap-free and curvature-free back injection of metals, metal foils and glass with plastic
  • Mechanical pre- and post-treatment for different grinding degrees
  • (Invisible) Integration of light, sensor technology and electronic functionalities
  • Development, prototyping, toolmaking, series production, packaging, logistics, project management

The next steps

We manufacture individual housings according to your specifications. In practice, you send us your suggestion directly as an inquiry or a photo of your product/device. We will then send you a corresponding offer or create a first visual prototype of how your product can be optically enhanced by us. If you like our design, we will talk about the technical feasibility of housing production and project management.

Example of housing refinement in medical technology

Basic productPossible variants after the facelift
(Exemplary representation. Design variants via anodised and mechanically refined aluminium)

Let us talk about your individual project:

Case manufacturer, design case manufacturer for perfect metal surfaces


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Logo Gronbach Wasserburg

Technologies in the field of Surface Finishing

  • Mechanical Treatments
  • Anodising and Powder Coating
  • Labelling