The development and production of components, assemblies and appliances is carried out entirely by our group of companies, whereby our location in Austria with a large research and development team sets a special accent. In addition to implementing customer-specific requirements with regard to appliance approval, we support our clients from numerous industries, e.g. automotive, household appliances, lighting, sanitary, furniture, medical and commercial cooking, in meeting all current national and international regulations on product safety requirements and technical market safety requirements.


During product development, we are able to call upon the most varied of skills, abilities and service companies:

  • Design and development in 3D-CAD
  • 3D simulations
  • Electronics development together with partner companies
  • Cooperation with external engineering offices and service providers for flexible capacity expansion
  • Broad range of methodical expertise, e.g. target costing, FPFE, PokaYoke
  • Testing and measuring laboratory for electrical, thermal and mechanical appliances
  • Appliance licensing, e.g. CE, CB; VDE, emv, UL, REACH, RoHS, NSF, CSA
  • EMV using external testing laboratories
  • Well-developed supplier network and specialisation in supply chain management
  • Sample and prototype construction
  • Assembly of complex machinery

Details of our products and OEM devices

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