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Components, especially in the automotive sector, but also in the household industry, electrical engineering and consumer electronics, require predefined ‘anodic oxidation-free’ areas to ensure conductivity at these points, e.g. for earthing points. By covering free areas, we guarantee this conductivity during the partial anodising process already during the anodising process, which avoids complicated post-processing, e.g. by laser ablation of the anodised surface.

Your advantages:

  • High quality design surfaces with selective conductivity where you need it
  • Different color and gloss spectra
  • Durable and resistant connection
  • Possibility for back injection with plastics

company for selective anodising of aluminium

Partial / Selective Anodising

Acid-, shock-, impact- and scratch-resistant anodised surfaces, which must have conductive properties at certain points or individually, are anodised using our partial or selective anodising process. Our colour spectra range from stainless steel look and natural aluminium to bronze tones and black up to colourful (via digital printing). Partially anodised components are often found in the electronics sector as well as in the automotive and household appliance industries.

Partial anodising of aluminium

GRONBACH – Your specialist for partial anodising

We realise surface refinements of aluminium by means of selective anodising, laser, sub-eloxal printing and mechanical processing both in small and large series and are at your disposal for any questions regarding our production technologies.

Let’s talk about your project.

Partial anodising of aluminium

we anodise in different colors

Further informations

Additional information about our printing processes, surface coatings, technical services and our company network can be found in our brochures, which you can request free of charge. In addition, our competent employees will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.


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