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In the fluid dynamics laboratory of our Wasserburg competence centre, we design new fan wheels, fan impellers and turbines and optimise existing systems for performance, energy efficiency and noise emissions. Our expertise is also defined by the optimized development of complete blower systems.

The production of fan wheels, impellers and turbines takes place in Wasserburg (Made in Germany) and in Michalovce/Slovakia. Thanks to our decades of experience and our technologies, we achieve outstanding results in unbalance, axial and radial runout.
The advantages of our optimized blower systems lie in the improvement of flow efficiency and noise development, production optimization, significant reduction of costs compared to metal fans and optionally in the adaptability to existing systems.

Manufacturer of impellers, blowers, blower systems and fan wheels Germany

Our competencies

Fan wheels, blower systems

  • Axial, radial, diagonal and drum rotors in special production
  • Single- and double-flow rotors
  • Forward curved, backward curved, welded
  • A wide variety of plastics possible, with and without glass fibre reinforcement
  • Integration of ventilation systems in complete products (e.g. fume hoods) or as a system module
  • Own tool construction with multi-cavity tools


  • Housing design and production
  • Complete blower systems with air ducting

Motor and electronics

  • Operation with specific motors (e.g. EC/BLDC, internal and external rotor) possible
  • Engine procurement, engine testing and monitoring
  • Adjustment of software to motor-ventilator combination
  • Motor fan assembly with balancing process
  • Standard EC driver available
  • Development of electronics

Manufacturer and supplier of turbines and ventilation wheels or fans made of plastic

Optimized blower systems custom-made

Our excellent infrastructure and many years of experience enable us to develop complete blower systems according to individual customer specifications. Together with you, we do not develop anything ready-made, because only in this way we can ensure that the combination of fan wheel + motor + electronics + housing + air ducting is always optimised for the application device.

Your benefits

  • Development of optimized complete systems
  • Increased efficiency due to adapted fan geometry and air ducting
  • Improved flow characteristics
  • Noise optimisation
  • Cost optimization through optimized sizes
  • Motor procurement and adaptation, depending on requirements
  • Flexibly adapted electronics for different motor types, integrated or separated

Overview of individual blower systems according to customer specifications

Manufacturer and supplier of turbines and ventilation wheels or fans made of plastic

Further informations

You can find additional information on our plastic injection moulding processes, the manufacture of fan wheels and turbines and our corporate network in our brochures, which you can order free of charge. In addition, our competent staff will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

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Gronbach Wasserburg - Manufacturer of fan wheels and turbines


Gronbach Wasserburg - Manufacturer, supplier of industrial impellers, fan wheels and turbines

The location technologies in the field of ventilation wheels and turbines

  • Mechanical treatments
  • Anodising and powder coating
  • Labelling