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Since our company was founded, we have been configuring sheet metal for products with stringent surface requirements and bonding these with synthetic components from our injection moulding manufacturing plant. We have now integrated both manufacturing processes in synthetics hybrid technology so that the material-specific advantages of metal and synthetics can be combined, and substance-to-substance bonds can be created with a high degree of design freedom.

During this process, synthetic or metal foils or aluminium and stainless steel sheets are back-injected with synthetics. We know which bonding agent is required and the appropriate injection parameters for the most varied combinations of materials. The bonding agent is applied either by using one of our patented coil laminating machines or by screen printing.
The plastic hybrid technology from GRONBACH means for you: injection moulding with a high degree of automation, no compromises in design and material as well as spare parts safety for many years.

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Technology of back-injection

In this In-mould production process, we design tools optimally and thus avoid distortion due to shrinkage and different linear expansions. We combine our decades of knowledge with experience and creativity in the development of:

  • Back-injection of foils

You can choose from a wide range of colours and designs for the back-injection moulding of foils. You can integrate your logo, print components freely according to your ideas and insert functional elements. The foils also increase the scratch resistance of your components.

  • Back-injection of metal

The back-injection moulding of sheet metal and aluminium with plastics is our expertise. We use our knowledge in the forming of materials and the system for the application of bonding agents, which we design ourselves.

  • Back-injection of glass

For many years we are bonding high-quality glasses for high design demands.

anodizing over back-injected parts

Anodizing of back-injected components

We anodize already back-injected components according to your ideas in highest optical and haptic quality. You can choose from different colour spectra as well as gloss patterns, surface structures and post-treatment processes.

Hybrid connections Metal, glass and foil, back injection moulding of aluminium, back injection moulding of plastics and injection moulding of plastic or plastic components

Back-moulding of plastics and injection moulding of plastic or plastic parts

GRONBACH – Your supplier for demanding back-injections

We have a large and wide range of machinery as well as a plastic injection moulding site at your disposal, with which we produce small and large quantities in a highly automated and cost-effective manner:

  • Injection moulding machines for plastics with up to 250t closing force
  • Presses with up to 500t pressing force
  • Eccentric servo presses for complex forming operations
  • Machinery for turning and milling tasks
  • Installation for welding and gluing plastic components

We build our tools ourselves for our hybrid composite systems:

  • Complex injection molding tools based on mold flow analyses and numerical simulation methods
  • Sheet metal tools for bending, punching and deep-drawing visible components in form and design
  • Progressive tools and devices

Please feel free to contact us about your project.

Back-moulding aluminium, back-moulding plastics and moulded plastic or plastic components

Further informations

Additional information on our In-mould technical services and our corporate network can be found in our brochures, which you can request free of charge. In addition, our competent staff will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

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