Our cross-functional group of companies combines three divisions into a full-service supply for the development and series production of devices, technical assemblies and components made of plastics and metal, as well as in the design and optimisation of ventilation systems.


Manufacturing Technology and Processes

In the field of manufacturing technology, we have specialised above all on the surface finishing of stainless steel and aluminium, the production of functional and visible components, and synthetics moulding and adhesive technology. These technologies form the basis of our equipment technology but we also offer them as one of our services.

We are continuously expanding and renewing our portfolio with new combinations of technologies and materials, e.g. in the art of back-injection moulding metals such as aluminium and stainless steel with different plastics, thus ensuring high-quality and cost-optimised manufacturing processes for our customers.
We are also your partner for the development of kinematics, OEM devices and ventilation systems.

Our technological competencies in details