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Detailed insights into the fields of competence of the GRONBACH network - metal processing and surfaces, ventilation technology, OEM appliances and product development as well as kinematics -, our product world, the available machinery and background information as well as dates and news.

Innovations in our virtual expo:

Virtual Expo & Innovations

Virtual expo on our products, technical innovations, services and innovative projects as well as (new) developments - from hall 1 to hall 7. A simple registration is all you need to participate.

- Stamping without foil
- Laser polishing
- Back injection of metal

(New) Business Development

We support start-ups or established companies in the technical implementation of their product innovations. As an OEM appliance and product manufacturer as well as contract manufacturer for individual components and system assemblies, we are the contact partner for specific challenges.

- Shock freezer
- Optimization of blower systems
- Electromechanical hinge


Innovations and technical updates

Innovation: Sub Eloxal Digital Print

A few days ago GRONBACH Wasserburg innovated the digital printing process on pre-anodised aluminium. In the first step, the component is pre-anodised to create an open-pored base for the subsequent digital printing. After the ink has been applied, it is hardened using UV light and in the final step is compressed by a further anodised


Production: Stamping without foil

GRONBACH Wasserburg innovates the stamping process without direct foil application. The starting point for the development was the problem of manual removal of protective films from metals and the resulting more cost-intensive production of metal components in the visual range in series production. In the conventional process, the stamp is pressed onto the workpiece on


Digital transformation: Production controlling via IIOT platform

With more than 800 employees at locations in Germany, Austria, Italy and Slovakia, the GRONBACH network is present in numerous industries worldwide. From development and production to toolmaking and a wide range of innovative solutions in the fields of metal processing, surface finishing, plastic injection molding and kinematics:


Metal-plastic composites with integrable components

Back injection moulding of metal components with various plastics such as ABS, PC/ABS, PBT, PMMA, PP, PA6 and TPE has been one of GRONBACH’s core technologies for many years. In addition to stainless steel and aluminium, metal foils and even glass can be back-injected with appropriate bonding promoters – a field that creates completely new


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