Industry solutions:
Household appliance industry

Development and production of complete (OEM) devices, assemblies and individual components in visible and non-visible areas.

In accordance with our customers’ requirements, we develop and manufacture visible and functional components for household appliances as well as complete appliances for a wide range of applications. Our components are characterised by precision and durability.
As an OEM manufacturer, we are particularly proud of our own creations, which can be found in millions of households and industries worldwide through our brand customers.
Service portfolio

Development and series production of complete (OEM) appliances.

In addition to our own products, which we bring to market with our customers as OEM partners, we specialise in the development and subsequent series production of customer-specific devices.
Our service portfolio includes:

  • Design, prototyping, manufacturing
  • Technology, patent and market research
  • Electrical, thermal and mechanical simulations and laboratory tests
  • Application engineering and usability tests
  • Certifications, e.g. VDE, UL, CSA
  • Toolmaking, assembly and automation
  • Packaging and logistics

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Company, companies device development, prototyping, appliance design, appliance construction and appliance manufacturing.
Development, design and series production of assemblies
Service portfolio

Complex assemblies.

After the development phase, we manufacture assemblies from different components and materials in series and prepare them for installation in our cost-effective plants. In addition to the development of assemblies, Gronbach’s core competencies lie in the connection of the individual components using our comprehensive bonding and joining technologies.
Final assembly is carried out manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically, depending on the assembly.
Examples of assemblies:

  • Racks and fronts
  • Appliance doors
  • Drawers and handles
  • Shelving systems
  • Roller rails

Service portfolio

made of metals and plastics.

Gronbach produces a wide range of mechanical components made of sheet metal, aluminium, steel, stainless steel and plastics, which are characterised by precision and durability as well as a high level of operating comfort.

Our products can be used in visible areas and as ready-to-assemble functional components.

  • Panels
  • Drip sheets
  • Handles and knobs
  • Side and front panels
  • Decorative trims
  • Fan wheels

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Metal surface finishing company, e.g. finishing of aluminum and stainless steel via mechanical processes as well as anodizing and powder coating.
Manufacturer, company fume hoods development and manufacture
Service portfolio

Blower systems
and fan wheels.

The development of complete ventilation systems or the optimisation of existing systems or individual components is carried out according to specific customer requirements. We analyse the motorisation, power electronics, duct routing and the available installation space for the required flow efficiency and minimise any noise emissions in the same process.
We injection-mould the required plastic fan wheels ourselves in our plants, and since 1970 more than 200 million fan wheels have left our sites.

Further details
Service portfolio


Since 1971, we have been manufacturing kinematic components for the household appliance sector and other industries, including mechanical and electromechanical hinges for ovens, freezers and refrigerators as well as full and partial pull-out rails for ovens and the furniture industry, which now can be found in millions of households worldwide.
Depending on the specific requirements, we are able to adapt our kinematics range for the customer and integrate additional functions, e.g. for app-, sensor- or gesture-controlled opening and closing of doors.

  • (Electro-)mechanical hinges
  • Full and partial pull-out rails

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Renowned companies in Europe and all over the world rely on the performance, professionalism and reliability of the Gronbach group. As a system supplier, we supply world market leaders in the household appliance and gastronomy industries, among others.


Product categories.

stainless steel furniture gastronomy manufacturer, gastronomy kitchen equipment manufacturer

Breadth and depth
in manufacturing

Our diverse machinery and our highly qualified team form the basis of our manufacturing technology.

Our technology

Research & DevelopmentConstruction & prototypingTool design and constructionMetal processingSurface finishing
Plastics injection mouldingBonding technologyBack injection & hybridAssembly & automationProduct & packaging design

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