Development, manufacture
and assembly of component parts

We are active in the development, industrial series production and ready-to-install assembly of modules with integrated electronics.
For the joining technology of the individual components, including metals, plastics and glass, we use different methods from our bonding and welding technologies.
Examples from our portfolio

Racks and housing for (fully) automatic coffee machines.

The racks and fronts are designed, mass-produced and finally assembled according to the specifications of well-known appliance manufacturers. We either manufacture the necessary assembly components ourselves or obtain them from our affiliated supply partners. They are characterised by a high degree of precision and robustness.

Company, supplier, manufacturer assemblies, assembly and automation

Premium housing.

Appliance housing or front and side panels can be adapted to a new look and feel using versatile anodised coating options and printing processes, which create a new premium range and open up a new target group for our customers.

In addition, innovative smart surfaces can be used to create lighting effects behind perforated metal surfaces or they can be equipped with individual sensor controls.

Details of smart surfaces
Examples from our portfolio

Doors for appliances.

For the commercial kitchen and household appliance industry, we produce regular and sophisticated high-tech doors that are designed to meet special properties in terms of heat retention, movement and robustness. Our mechanical and electromechanical hinges meet additional requirements for simple or gesture- or sensor-controlled opening and closing.

  • Resistant to pressure and high temperatures
  • Protection against aggressive chemicals and cleaning agents
  • Gap-free production ensures the highest possible hygiene factor
Suppliers and manufacturers of equipment doors and product doors of many industries
Manufacturer, supplier roll holder for dishwasher
Examples from our portfolio

Rollers for dishwashers.

We manufacture large quantities of the stainless steel fastening rails and the plastic injection-moulded rollers for the pull-out dish racks in dishwashers and then combine both components on our fully-automated assembly line in a matter of seconds.

Examples from our portfolio

Kinematic components.

Since 1971, we have been manufacturing kinematic components for the household appliance sector and other industries, including mechanical and electromechanical hinges for ovens, refrigerators and freezers as well as full and partial pull-out rails for ovens and the furniture industry. Our components can now be found in millions of households worldwide.
We are able to adapt our kinematics range specifically to our customer’s requirements and to equip the components with additional benefits, e.g. app-, sensor- or gesture-controlled opening and closing of doors.

Details of kinematics


Additional assemblies.


Assembly and manufacturing facilities.

We combine scalable workflows with flexible capacities – at single workstations and across semi- and fully-automated production and assembly lines. Our processes lead to robust and error-free results with systematic repeatability.
  • Manual assembly of complex devices and system groups
  • Partially-automated assembly of flexible quantities
  • Fully-automated assembly of large quantities
  • Complete assembly lines incl. safety and function tests
  • Customised assembly lines
  • A range of welding processes
Supplier, company and firm for the assembly of equipment, assemblies and components.

Breadth and depth
in manufacturing

Our diverse machinery and our highly qualified team form the basis of our manufacturing technology.

Our technologies

Research & DevelopmentConstruction & prototypingTool design and constructionMetal processingSurface finishing
Plastics injection mouldingBonding technologyBack injection & hybridAssembly & automationProduct & packaging design

appliance development.

In accordance with the individual requirements of our customers, we develop and manufacture products in series as ODM and OEM and, if desired, take over the packaging design and logistics. We have many years of experience in development and series production for the household appliance and catering industries, and are active for the medical technology and entertainment industries, among others.

Detail of development

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