Surface finishing

Decorative coatings
and texturing for aluminium and stainless steel.


Premium designs for aluminium and stainless steel.

Surface finishing methods give metals a particularly aesthetic and tactile character.
At the same time, they increase the durability of the products.
In metal processing, we design and manufacture your desired metal mouldings from sheet material or extruded profiles in medium to large series, and then finish them as desired and in a line. Our service portfolio ranges from mechanical pre-treatment through anodising and powder coating to various laser, etching and printing technologies.
Range of services


In mechanical metal finishing, we grind, brush, polish or blast materials in a complete range of degrees of fineness.
Turning or milling is also possible.
Due to the automated and robot-controlled treatment of the surfaces, every processing is 100 % reproducible.


Metal surface finishing company, e.g. finishing of aluminum and stainless steel via mechanical processes as well as anodizing and powder coating.
Supplier anodized surface for aluminum Germany
Range of services


Organic and electrolytic anodising of aluminium are the two process techniques we use in our in-house anodising plant. Depending on the order, we can leave the existing structure of the surface or apply various methods of pre- and post-treatment, for example brushing, grinding, blasting and polishing as well as lasering, etching, screen and pad printing. Depending on the type of pre-treatment and anodising colour, our customers can choose between the design variants “Eloxal Classic”, “Eloxal Superior” and “Eloxal Premium”.

Range of services

Powder coating.

In addition to the wide range of 210+ RAL colours, we realise special metallic effects, different gloss levels and individual structures, which we deliver just-in-time from our own powder coating facility. Coated surfaces offer optimal protection against high temperatures, chemical and weather influences, corrosion and UV light.

Supplier, manufacturer powder coated metal surfaces
Supplier, manufacturer premium surfaces for metals, lasering, etching, screen printing, pad printing, lettering.
Range of services

Laser, etching
and printing methods.

By means of screen printing, pad printing and UV printing and the removal of the finest surface layers by etching and lasering, we provide metals, plastics and decorative foils with individual symbols, logos or inscriptions, which are distinguished from the carrier material both visually and haptically by the finest of elevations and depths. In particular, the UV printing process was developed by us to meet the high requirements of the cross-cut and Ericson grip test and in order to guarantee durable use.


Advantages of
surface finishing.


Scratch-, weather- and corrosion-resistant, antibacterial and UV light resistant surfaces


Highly customisable designs for your products.


Possibility of subsequent back-injection moulding with plastic and integration of light or sensor elements.


Various methods of pre- and post-treatment.

Integration ability

Smart surfaces with the possibility of integrating electronics and sensor technology.


Non-stick and fingerprint solutions.
Food-grade easy-to-clean surfaces.

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Manufacturer of smart metal surfaces controlled by sensors as well as integrating other elements such as light.

Smart surfaces.

Perforated surfaces that enable the metal to “communicate“ using integrated light or sensor technology controls.
When switched off, both the elements and the perforated surface are invisible. Integrated effects, e.g. illuminated icons, logos, symbols or lettering, only become visible in the ‘on’ mode.
Further services in metal processing

Cross-functional performance spectrum.

The finishing of metal surfaces is only one component of our entire service portfolio.
In addition, we deliver the entire service supply chain – from toolmaking and metalworking, through back-injection with plastics, to final assembly and logistics – all from under one roof.

  • Mechanical processing
  • Hybrid composites & bonding
  • Injection moulding
  • Toolmaking & assembly

Supplier sheet metal parts and formed parts from sheet metal, e.g. front panels for household appliances

Mechanical metalworking
from medium to large series

Aluminium, sheet metal, stainless steel and steel:

  • Bending and forming
  • Turning (CNC), milling (CNC), sawing
  • Punching and pressing with up to 500 t
  • Grinding and polishing
  • Welding

Manufacturer of metal and plastic components joined together via back molding

Back-injection of metal and metal foils

For the required substructure of metal components and metal foils, we back-inject them with the required plastics.
We design and manufacture the plastic injection moulding tools required for this ourselves in order to avoid distortion due to shrinkage and different linear expansions. Furthermore, we integrate the desired electronics or lighting elements during back injection moulding.


Joining and bonding technologies

We join components using a wide variety of methods. In bonding, we use liquid adhesives, adhesive tapes and also adhesive die-cuts, which we apply manually or robotically. Optionally, different types of pre-treatment are possible, including plasma, primer, scarfing or pyrosil as well as different rapid curing methods (UV light, infrared, heat radiation).

  • 1C adhesives with manual and robot-assisted application
  • 2C adhesives in robot systems with high-end dispensing technology
  • Adhesive tapes with manual or robot-assisted application
  • Punched adhesive substrates with special systems for perfect positioning and pressing

Back molding plastic aluminum, stainless steel, steel and metal foil

Plastic injection moulding

Via our own plastic injection moulding shop with machines of up to 300 t clamping force, we manufacture a variety of different products, including fan wheels for the appliance and ventilation industry as well as components for assemblies.
We manufacture the corresponding moulds and injection moulding tools ourselves.


Supplier toolmaking, toolmaker Bavaria

  • Embossing tools
  • Punching tools
  • Multi-cavity tools
  • Progressive dies
  • Injection moulds
  • Transfer tools
  • Forming tools for visible components
  • Devices for handling
  • Testing and measuring devices


Assembly and automation
  • Manual assembly
  • Partially automated assembly of small to medium quantities
  • Fully automated production of large quantities
  • Complete assembly lines incl. safety and function tests
  • Customised assembly lines


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