Optimisation of fan systems
and fan components

Individual solutions for optimising existing fan systems.

In contrast to standardised fans, duct guides and motors that are integrated into appliance or product applications in a modular way, we coordinate all components within the scope of fan optimisation in order to achieve the best possible efficiency. This enables a self-contained and optimised overall system, as all individual components are not considered individually, but as a composite.
This combination of fan, electronics, motor, housing and duct results in efficient product solutions that simultaneously guarantee a higher ratio – in terms of saving energy, installation space and production costs.
These benefits can be transferred 1:1 to end customers who, for example, receive a product with a more favourable energy efficiency class rating.“


Service portfolio
in blower optimisation.

Within the scope of an optimisation order, we analyse each ventilation module individually with regard to performance, noise development, energy consumption and economic efficiency and transfer this knowledge to the overall system.
For our customers, even the replacement of metal fan wheels with plastic leads to a significant increase in the ratio.

» Increased performance (volume flow, delivery volume, pressure and speed)
» Higher energy efficiency
» Reduction of noise emissions (sound pressure, noise source analysis)
» Optimisation of installation space (flow efficiency, reduction of installation space)

Performance optimization of ventilations, fan systems and blowers with regard to fan efficiency, volume flow, motorization, duct design
Company, enterprise or supplier for fan optimization, blower optimization, improvement of volume flow.

  • Potentials for saving energy
Potentials for saving energy
  1. Choice of a suitable fan impeller based on the required power, peak power and temporal use
  2. Avoidance of too large fans, overcapacities and flow fluctuations
  3. Analysis of the optimal efficiency of the fan; potentials by reducing the speed
  4. Selection of an adequate motor with appropriate electronics, e.g. high-efficiency motors
  5. Control of the power transmission (without gearbox, direct or flat belt drive)
  6. Optimisation of the entire system with regard to installation space, ducts and supply lines
“For an initial analysis of your ventilation system or fan with regard to performance and energy efficiency, use of installation space and noise emission, or to evaluate a specific requirement, please contact us without obligation. After sending us your unit or component, we will evaluate potential optimisation points and discuss together with you these and the further steps with regard to a series order.”

Oliver Bredow, Head of Development Ventilation Gronbach

Oliver Bredow, fan and ventilation optimizer
Development service

Services in fan development.

In addition to optimising fan systems, we are also active in the development and series production of customised complete fan systems or fan modules.
This also includes the development of complete (OEM) devices with integrated fan technology.

Blower development details
Manufacturing technologies

Construction and plastic injection moulding of fan wheels.

We achieve excellent results with our plastic fan wheels and fans in unbalance, axial and radial runout. For this purpose, we have modern plastic injection moulding facilities at our locations, through which we have produced more than 200 million fan wheels since the beginning of our business.

  • Axial, radial, diagonal and drum impellers
  • Single- and double-flow impellers – forward curved, backward curved, welded
  • Various plastics possible, with and without glass fibre reinforcement, flame protection class HB to V0

Details fan wheels

Injection moulding of fan wheels, hub production and automatic feeding

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