Development of
blower systems

Individual solutions in the development and production of
complete ventilation systems or individual components.

Often, standardised and universal ventilation components “off the shelf“ do not provide the required efficiency performance that is ultimately demanded of the overall system. Therefore, we develop complete fan systems or individual fan elements according to customer orders, whereby we analyse the motorisation, power electronics, duct routing and available installation space for the required flow efficiency and minimise any noise emissions at the same time.
We injection-mould the required components ourselves in our factories. Since 1970, more than 200 million fan wheels have left our plants. They are used in the drive technology, automotive, railway, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration technology sectors, in the household appliance industry and in the area of residential ventilation.


Service portfolio in blower development.

Development process

Phases in the development.

  • Requirements analysis fan, motor, electronics, housing and duct

  • CAD design and simulation of fans, housing and ducts

  • Prototyping

  • Tests under real conditions

  • Tool design and construction

  • Release / Series production


for blower systems.

Gronbach’s blower systems are distinguished by their high degree of customisation, flexibility, cost efficiency and value creation.

Company for ventilation development and series production

In procurement management, the requirements for modern blower or ventilation systems are based on the aspects of

Performance: systems that can deliver a required volume of air at a given pressure or flow rate,

Reliability: durability and reliable performance to minimise downtime and repair costs,

Efficiency: performance and energy efficient systems to reduce energy costs and minimise environmental impact,

Maintainability: requirements for ease of maintenance and repair to extend service life,

Adaptability: flexibility to accommodate pressure and flow requirements, noise levels, materials and ambient temperatures,

Costs: cost-effective systems, to minimise total cost of ownership.

Application fields


The division Ventilation is active in the fields of development and series production of ventilation systems and components in various industries.

Automotive, Transport

Cooling technology

Controlled domestic ventilation

Heating technology
Household appliances

IT & Electrical engineering

Renewable energies

Services in
blower optimisation.

Within the scope of an optimisation order, we analyse each ventilation module individually with regard to performance, noise development, energy consumption and economic efficiency and transfer this knowledge to the overall system.

Details fan optimisation
Performance optimization of ventilations, fan systems and blowers with regard to fan efficiency, volume flow, motorization, duct design
Device development

Customised appliances with
integrated fan technology.

In addition to the development and production of blower systems, we are also active in the development and series production of customised and complete (OEM) appliances with integrated ventilation technology as well as assemblies, including for the white goods, medical technology, gastronomy and household appliance sectors.

Examples of products with integrated blower technology that were developed or optimised by us as part of a specific customer order and manufactured in series or are still being manufactured today:

  • Air purifiers or air washers
  • Appliances and systems for domestic ventilation
  • Cooker hoods
Details of the development

Manufacturer of air washers, equipment manufacturer for devices with integrated ventilation technology.

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      Please take into account that our production is geared towards medium to large series production. We are therefore unable to process requests for very small quantities for economic reasons.

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