(OEM) appliance development
and series production

Partner for product development

Customised solutions.

As one of only a few suppliers, we take over the complete development of your devices, assemblies or individual components right up to industrial series production with scalable volumes and according to strict lean principles.
It is of fundamental importance for our project teams to support you through all process steps, from the initial kick-off meeting, through the design and prototyping phases, to toolmaking and subsequent series processing. Furthermore we are also available to you for individual packaging concepts and worldwide shipping solutions.

Stages in development:

  • Ideas management

  • Pre-development

  • Prototyping

  • Industrialisation

Service portfolio

Developing orders.

As a development and manufacturing partner, we realise complete OEM devices, complex assemblies and components made of metal, plastic and glass according to customer specifications. Especially in the design and production of electronics, we have been cooperating with more than 15 external partner companies for many years. Starting with the first pitch meeting, further project planning and operative series processing are always carried out in coordination with our customers and in accordance with the currently valid ISO 9001 standard.
As a full service supplier, we act for our customers along the entire value chain, so that no other external suppliers have to be used.

Examples of appliance developments according to fields of application:

Extraction systems and vacuum

Beverage and fluid systems

Cooling and freezing

Vertical farming

Warming and cooking

Industries: Large household appliances, domestic appliances, medical devices, gastronomy, consumer goods and others.

Provider device development, device developer, device builder

* exemplary illustration of the complete supply chain for complete units at Gronbach

Lean Management

Lean management stands for the best possible execution of all processes without waste, combined with a philosophy of continuous improvement.
At Gronbach, we always strive to improve everything we do. That is why we live out the Lean Management idea in practice.
Based on the Lean principles of flow, timing and pull, we design our processes efficiently, always striving for the best possible quality. This means that we want to concentrate on the essentials, to standardise, to learn from problems and to avoid mistakes. Our focus is on ensuring our customers’ satisfaction.
In the spectrum of device development, we are always guided by the aspects of design to cost, design for manufacturability and design for reliability.


In-house developments.

For decades, we have been actively in innovating functional devices and next generation applications in-house, which are now to be found in numerous industries worldwide through the brand(s) of our OEM customers.

Case Study home / domestic appliances

Examples of products that have emerged from our group of companies include:

  • Warming drawers
  • Vacuum drawers
  • Special drawers
  • Shock freezers
Details about our products
Optimization industrialization manufacturing OEM devices

Service portfolio

Product maintenance services and industrialisation.

A more cost-efficient and performance-stable production increases the contribution margin and secures competitive advantages in the long term.
To achieve this, we analyse, design and manage the entire process of optimising products and their manufacture. In past projects, we were able to achieve significant improvements to series production by adapting the product design and tools, among other things.

Case study vertical farming

Our group participated in the development of a household appliance for the domestic cultivation of salads, herbs and plants. The focus was on a redesign of the metal frame and the development of fundamental technical improvements in order to optimise industrial series production.

Service portfolio

Assemblies and components.

Assemblies combine individual components which have different shapes and are made of different materials. These are then permanently joined together using appropriate technologies such as laser welding or bonding. Depending on the components and the required joint, this is done manually or by using robot-assisted semi- or fully-automatic systems. We either manufacture the necessary assembly components ourselves or obtain them from our affiliated supply partners. In the final production step, we assemble all the component parts, ready for use.

Details on assemblies

Details on components

Manufacturing expertise

Metal and plastic processing.

We process aluminium from the thinnest foil up to 5 mm thick sheets or even stronger extruded profiles and process stainless steel – from stamping to bending – from 0.1-1 mm to the required geometry, even for complex functional parts. In addition, we give them the required look and feel using various finishing processes.
Other core competences include our cost-effective sheet metal processing using CNC and plastic injection moulding.

Manufacturing expertise

Assembly and manufacturing facilities.

We combine scalable workflows with flexible capacities, both at single workstations and using semi- and fully automated production and assembly lines. In doing so, the processes always lead to robust and reliable results with systematic repeatability.
  • Manual assembly of complex devices and system groups
  • Partially-automated assembly of flexible quantities
  • Fully-automated assembly of large quantities
  • Complete assembly lines incl. safety and function tests
  • Customised assembly lines
  • Different welding processes
Supplier, company and firm for the assembly of equipment, assemblies and components.

Your contact
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+43 5373 62190


Division Appliances

Prof. Dr. Anton Kathrein Str. 2
AT-6342 Niederndorf


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