Sustainability and
ecological responsibility

Economy and the environment go hand-in-hand and are seen as complementary goals at Gronbach.
The finite nature of natural resources requires us all to rethink our approach to sustainability.
We are committed to sustainability, to reducing emissions and to improving our climate balance through many different measures.


Our German site’s energy supply was completely converted to gas in 2013 and a CHP unit was installed, which saves around 500 MW per year. Overall, the site managed to reduce consumption by 10 kWh per hour worked between 2012 and 2015. The savings achieved so far are equivalent to the CO2 emissions of over two million air kilometres.

The site received ISO 50001 certification in 2014.

The site in Italy is certified by Alperia Smart Services with the “alperia green energy” label, which means that we are 100% supplied with green energy from renewable energy sources and thus make an important contribution to environmental and climate protection.


Energy management.


Mobility and health.

As part of our company health management, we provide our employees with numerous health-promoting measures, including no-smoking seminars, back school, yoga classes and job bikes. For the latter, we are as a project partner of the BMK climate protection and have been recognised as ‘excellent’ within the framework of the climate programme “klimaaktiv mobil”.

We took another step towards saving energy with our in-house electric vehicle fleet. We will gradually convert all other vehicles to e-mobility in the coming years. We obtain the electricity for this from our own solar energy.