Extraction systems
and vacuum

Examples from our portfolio

Downdraft systems.

Through the Appliances and Ventilation & Surfaces divisions, we develop and produce various downdraft systems for a wide range of cooktop variants, including electric cooktops and cooktops with induction or radiant heating technology.
For this purpose, we use our expertise in appliance and component manufacturing as well as in the development and optimisation of blower systems.

The advantages:

  • Increase in ventilation efficiency
  • Reduction of noise emissions
  • Ensuring a low installation depth
  • Wide range of design options
Supplier manufacturer hobs and extractor hoods

Manufacturer, company fume hoods development and manufacture
Examples from our portfolio

Cooker hoods.

We develop and manufacture complete cooker hoods and extractor hoods or individual components for both the catering and household appliance industries. We customise the design and functionality of the hoods, and develop the integrated fan system with optimised performance and noise level.

Customisation options:

  • Interface (position and design of the icons, colour of the LEDs).
  • Various lighting options for the hob below
  • Front designs in all materials – aluminium, stainless steel, glass

Examples from our portfolio

Vacuum drawers.

Our vacuum drawer enables the gentle preparation and natural preservation of food.
The concept was developed by Gronbach itself and is produced in series at our own plant.

The biggest advantages of the drawer, compared to other vacuuming devices, are its compact design and the pressure control. Unlike most free-standing devices, our vacuuming drawer vacuums not only the bag itself, but rather the whole chamber, so that there is no pressure difference acting on the food during vacuuming. In this way, food with a high liquid content or even completely liquid food (soups, sauces, etc.) can also be vacuum-packed.

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Product portfolio

More innovative in-house developments.

  • Fluid systems
  • Cooling+Freezing
  • Vertical Farming
  • Warming+Cooking
  • Assemblies

Development and series production OEM devices in the field of fluid systems, fluids
Built-in fully automatic coffee machine

Gronbach bundles its profound know-how in the development and production of high-end fully automatic built-in coffee machines up to espresso machines for the gastronomy and private use. We supply a wide range of design-oriented functional components and assemblies (drip plates, front panels, frames, operating elements, racks), complete high-end built-in fully automatic coffee machines and espresso machines for the catering trade and the office.

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Equipment development and manufacturing in the field of cooling, freezing
Shock freezer

The shock freezer enables the shock freezing of food and dishes within a few minutes and is indispensable to the catering industry. In addition to the required temperature management, optional areas of product customisation are offered.

  • Formation of microcrystals instead of macrocrystals to preserve the cell structure for a gentler shelf life
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +60°C
  • Customised touch display
  • High-pressure safety shut-off via pressostat
  • Fully automated programmes, e.g. blast freezing to minus 18 degrees core temperature or for chilling drinks

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Cooling drawers

Our cooling drawers are suitable for a wide variety of practical applications, including cooling medicines in the medical industry and keeping heat-sensitive food and special liquids fresh in private households and small-scale catering. The refrigerated drawer corresponds to the standard installation dimensions, allowing it to be easily integrated into application series.

  • Various front designs, e.g. metal, glass or wood

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Development OEM equipment in the field of vertical farming, vertical gardening
Vertical farming

Our group participated in the development of a household appliance for the domestic cultivation of salads, herbs and other growing products, including in the development of the metal frame for optimised industrial production.
In the field of vertical farming, we are active both as a complete equipment manufacturer and as a developer and producer of assemblies and individual components.

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Manufacturer cooktops and downdraft exhaust systems for the home appliance industry.

On behalf of our customers, we develop and manufacture functional and design-oriented cooktops for many types of heating, including electric cooktops, cooktops with induction or radiant heating technology, and cooktops with downdraft extractors. We work together with renowned suppliers of glasses and electronics for this purpose.

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Warming drawers

Warming drawers are ideal for preheating dishes or keeping food warm. They can be combined with other household appliances, e.g. ovens, steam cookers or built-in fully automatic coffee machines in the kitchen front for a uniform visual image, but can also be adapted according to alternative customer-specific specifications.
Our warming drawers were developed in-house and are mass-produced on an OEM basis for our brand customers and are constantly being developed to meet new demands in the household appliance sector.

Racks and fronts

The racks and fronts are designed, mass-produced and finally assembled according to the customer specifications of well-known appliance manufacturers. We either manufacture the necessary assembly components ourselves or obtain them from our affiliated supply partners. They are characterised by a high degree of precision and robustness.
Depending on the customer’s order, we realise a wide variety of decors, e.g. made of glass and/or aluminium, and also integrate user-oriented operating elements.


Extendable rails

Partial-and full-extension rails for ovens and range cookers represent a central product group in our portfolio, enabling a particularly stable and low-noise gliding movement for the end user. Outside the household appliance industry, our drawer rails are adaptable for alternative fields of application, e.g. for the furniture industry.


Hinge solutions

We manufacture mechanical and electromechanical flap door hinges for installation on the door or appliance side, primarily for the household appliance industry. We adapt these according to the installation situation and the requirements of our customers for a perfect fit. Through our platform, we are able to adapt our solutions not only to new household appliance models, but also to alternative application areas and industries.


appliance development.

In accordance with the individual requirements of our customers, we develop and manufacture products in series as ODM and OEM and, if desired, take over the packaging design and logistics. We have many years of experience in development and series production for the household appliance and catering industries, and are active for the medical technology and entertainment industries, among others.

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