Specialist in the development,
production and assembly of
complete devices, assemblies and components.


Solutions today for your devices.

As an OEM partner, we are passionate about developing and manufacturing devices, assemblies and components for international brand customers.
In addition to fulfilling development contracts in accordance with specific customer requirements, we continuously innovate appliances ourselves, which we then mass-produce, assemble, package and distribute worldwide for our customers. This results in next generation devices that can be found in various industries.
For our customers, we develop and produce along the entire value chain. This saves them the research, evaluation and contract management of and with third-party providers and at the same time creates a high level of trust for future cooperation.

Service portfolio

Customer-specific appliance developments.

In accordance with the individual requirements of our customers, we develop and manufacture products in series as ODM and OEM and, if desired, also manage the packaging design and logistics.

We draw our expertise from many years of experience of development and series production for the household appliance and catering industries. With more than 15 external partner companies, we are also experts in the design and procurement of electronics, which are used in the medical technology and entertainment industries, among others.

Development details
Development and series production of OEM devices in the field of extraction systems for hobs and generation of vacuum

Extraction systems and vacuum

Extraction systems and vacuum

Development and series production OEM devices in the field of fluid systems, fluids

Fluid systems

Fluid systems

Equipment development and manufacturing in the field of cooling, freezing

Cooling and freezing

Cooling and freezing

Development OEM equipment in the field of vertical farming, vertical gardening

Vertical farming

Vertical farming

Company development OEM equipment in the field of warming, heat, heating and cooking for the home appliance industry and other industries.

Warming and cooking

Warming and cooking

Suppliers, manufacturers of equipment assemblies of all industries

Assemblies and components

Assemblies and components

Service portfolio

Development and manufacture of assemblies.

After the development phase, we manufacture component parts from different materials in series production and prepare them for assembly at our cost-effective locations. In addition to the development of assemblies, Gronbach’s core competencies lie in the connection of the individual components using our comprehensive bonding and joining technologies.
Final assembly is then carried out manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically, depending on the products.

Details about assemblies

Development, design and series production of assemblies


For decades, renowned companies from globally operating industries have relied on our flexible performance, precision and reliability as a cross-functional system supplier.
Here, we focus above all on a strong 1:1 relationship with our customers.
Manufacturing expertise

Components of metal and plastic processing.

We process aluminium from the thinnest foil up to 5 mm thick sheets or even stronger extruded profiles, and process stainless steel – from stamping to bending – from 0.1-1 mm to the required geometry, even for complex functional parts. In addition, we give them your desired look and feel using various finishing processes.
Other core competences include our cost-effective sheet metal processing using CNC and plastic injection moulding.

Assembly and manufacturing facilities.

We combine scalable workflows with flexible capacities, both at single workstations and using semi- and fully automated production and assembly lines. In doing so, the processes always lead to robust and reliable results with systematic repeatability.
  • Manual assembly of complex devices and system groups
  • Partially-automated assembly of flexible quantities
  • Fully-automated assembly of large quantities
  • Complete assembly lines incl. safety and functionality tests
  • Customised assembly lines
  • A range of welding processes
Supplier, company and firm for the assembly of equipment, assemblies and components.
Full service supply

added value.

As a full-service provider (one-stop shop), we provide the complete range of services for device and component manufacturing, so that our clients do not have to resort to using other manufacturing companies. For special requirements, we cooperate with strategically important partners who support us with appropriate services as necessary.

Our guiding principle “everything from under one roof” in action, using the example of a domestic kitchen:

Your contact
for appliances.

Business Development

Fabian Paulus


+43 5373 62190


Division Appliances

Prof. Dr. Anton Kathrein Str. 2
AT-6342 Niederndorf


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