Gronbach develops and produces a wide range of complete units, assemblies, components, kinematics and ventilation systems for its OEM customers. Our products are characterised by precision and durability as well as a high level of operating comfort. The strengths of our group of companies lie above all in the flexible adaptability to individual requirements and in the customised series production.

Company, companies device development, prototyping, appliance design, appliance construction and appliance manufacturing.
Development groups

(OEM) Appliances.

In the Appliances division, for many decades we have been specialised in the development, series production, assembly and logistics of (OEM) appliances and complex appliance assemblies. In doing so, we support our customers from the concept of an idea to industrial series production and delivery, with confidentiality as a given.

The service portfolio includes:

  • Requirements analysis in coordination with the customer
  • Technology, patent and market research
  • Test and measurement laboratories for electrical, thermal and mechanical devices
  • Application technology and usability tests
  • Equipment approval, e.g. VDE, UL, CSA, CE
  • Toolmaking and assembly
  • Packaging design and logistics

Development groups


After the development phase, we manufacture assemblies from different components and materials in series and prepare them for assembly in our cost-effective plants. In addition to the development of assemblies, Gronbach’s core competencies lie in the connection of the individual components using our comprehensive bonding and joining technologies.

  • Racks
  • Fronts
  • Appliance doors
  • Roller rails…


Development, design and series production of assemblies
Metal surface finishing company, e.g. finishing of aluminum and stainless steel via mechanical processes as well as anodizing and powder coating.
Development groups

Components made of plastic and metal.

Functional and design-oriented components made of aluminium, sheet metal, stainless steel and steel with various methods of pre- and post-treatment, including products such as

  • Fronts and panels
  • Drip sheets
  • Housings
  • Handles and frames
  • Roller rails
  • Automotive sill trims

Development groups


We focus our hinges and pull-out systems on the household appliance industry, for which we have been developing and mass-producing innovative solutions for more than 50 years, including for ovens, freezers, refrigerators and dishwashers.

We adapt our existing kinematic solutions to the individual situation and customer requirements in order to achieve a perfect fit. Through our platform, we are not only able to adapt our solutions to new household appliance models, but also to alternative application areas and industries.

  • Full and partial extension runners
  • (Electro-)mechanical hinges
  • Special kinematics


Supplier, manufacturer plastic injection molded fan impellers, fans
Development groups

Blower systems.

At Gronbach, we develop or optimise complete fan systems or individual fan elements according to customer requirements. We analyse the motorisation, power electronics, ducting and available installation space for the required flow efficiency and minimise any noise emissions at the same time.
We injection-mould the plastic fan wheels ourselves in our plants. They are used in the drive technology, automotive, railway, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration technology industries, as well as in the household appliance industry and in the field of domestic ventilation.

Our fan wheels guarantee perfect concentricity and no imbalance.

  • Fan wheels and hubs
  • Electronics and motorisation
  • Housing and ducting


Cross-industry services.

We supply a wide range of industries that place the highest demands on the functionality, design and quality of their products.
Our cross-functional group of companies combines three divisions into a full-service supplier for the development and series production of devices, technical assemblies and components made of plastics and metals, as well as for the design and optimisation of ventilation systems.

Household appliances industry

Furniture and sanitary



Consumer Goods

Medical technology

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Service portfolio

in manufacturing.

We can realise almost any geometry in aluminium, stainless steel and steel – from individual functional parts to sophisticated design components in the visible area, ready for turnkey assembly.
Other core competences are our cost-effective sheet metal processing using CNC and plastic injection moulding.

  • Mechanical machining
  • Surface finishing
  • Hybrid composites & bonding
  • Toolmaking & Assembly

Supplier sheet metal parts and formed parts from sheet metal, e.g. front panels for household appliances

Mechanical metalworking

Sheet metal, steel, stainless steel, aluminium

  • Turning (CNC), milling (CNC), sawing
  • Cutting, forming, punching, nibbling
  • Pressing from 50-500t (eccentric, servo, hydraulic, extrusion)
  • Bending (press brakes, bending robots and fully automatic bending cells)
  • Joining (riveting, clinching, gluing, tumbling, screwing)
  • Robot grinding and polishing systems
  • Welding (laser, TIG welding, spot welding)


Mechanical finishing

Gronbach relies on reliable and innovative surface treatments for design applications in the processes of forming and joining non-rusting metals such as stainless steel or aluminium, including by means of:

  • Brushing
  • Grinding
  • Blasting
  • (Laser) polishing

Premium metal finishes by anodizing, powdering or lasering


We have our own anodising plant that can support you with the following finishing processes:

  • Organic or electrolytic anodisation
  • Partial / selective anodising
  • Anodising of already back-moulded components

In addition, various forms of pre- and post-treatment are possible, for example brushing, grinding, blasting, polishing, special pickling and lasering.


Powder-coated metal moldings and components

Powder coating

Using our own powder coating facility, we coat components with a range of over 210 RAL colours, which we deliver just in time. For special requirements, we can treat the surfaces with, for example, anti-stick or anti-fingerprint coatings.


Supplier, manufacturer metal screen printing process, laser etching, etching of metal surfaces

Laser, printing and etching technology

For the visual labelling of functional components and other products, e.g. with logos, symbols or lettering, we use various processes for individual decorative and functional coatings:

  • Etching technology
  • Screen and pad printing
  • Laser marking, laser engraving

Manufacturer of metal and plastic components joined together via back molding

Metal and metal foil back-injection

To achieve a substructure of metal components and metal foils, we back-inject them with the required plastics.
We design and manufacture the plastic injection moulding tools required for this ourselves in order to avoid distortion due to shrinkage and different linear expansions. Furthermore, we integrate the desired electronics or lighting elements during back-injection moulding.


Joining and bonding technologies

We join components using a wide variety of methods. In bonding, we use liquid adhesives, adhesive tapes and also adhesive die-cuts, which we apply manually or robotically. Optionally, different types of pre-treatment are possible, including plasma, primer, scarfing or pyrosil as well as different rapid curing methods (UV light, infrared, heat radiation).

  • 1C adhesives with manual and robot-assisted application
  • 2C adhesives in robot systems with high-end dispensing technology
  • Adhesive tapes with manual or robot-assisted application
  • Punched adhesive substrates with special systems for perfect positioning and pressing

Supplier toolmaking, toolmaker Bavaria

  • Embossing tools
  • Punching tools
  • Multi-cavity tools
  • Progressive dies
  • Injection moulds
  • Transfer tools
  • Forming tools for visible components
  • Devices for handling
  • Testing and measuring devices

Assembly and automation
  • Manual assembly
  • Partially-automated assembly of small to medium quantities
  • Fully-automated production of large quantities
  • Complete assembly lines incl. safety and function tests
  • Customised assembly lines

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