Bonding technologies


Long-lasting connections.

For many application areas, our joining technology for aluminium, stainless steel, glass, plastics and composites ensures a durable and consistent quality joint. To achieve this, we use a variety of bonding techniques and materials, including liquid adhesives, adhesive tapes and adhesive stampings, which we apply manually or robotically. In addition, we offer every type of pre-treatment, e.g. plasma, primer, scarfing or pyrosil, as well as various rapid curing methods (UV light, infrared, heat radiation).

Bonding of components, assemblies and devices

Applied manually or robotically.

  • 1C adhesives and adhesive tapes with manual or robot-assisted application
  • 2C adhesives in robot systems with high-end dispensing technology
  • Punched adhesive substrates with special equipment for perfect positioning and pressing
  • Adhesive surface pre-treatment with adhesive primer, scarfing, plasma or Pyrosil
  • Rapid curing by heat, infrared or UV irradiation


Breadth and depth
in manufacturing

Our diverse machinery and our highly qualified team form the basis of our manufacturing technology.

Our technologies

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