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Specialist in the development and
series production of kinematics.
Division Kinematics

Gronbach GmbH
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I-39044 Laag / Neumarkt (BZ)

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Cay Nasner
Managing Director

With an area of 12,000 m2 and 160 employees, the site in Italy specialises in the development and series production of kinematics, including primarily hinges and pull-out rails for the household appliance industry and gastronomy.

Together with Gronbach USA, the site forms the Division Kinematics:

  • Job and family
Job and family

“The family is a basic building block of our society. We as Apparatebau work in this society. Therefore, we stand by the responsibility to support our employees in balancing family and career.”

Our contribution to “family and work” is reflected, among other things, in the award of the certificate for family-friendly employers, which we received from the Bolzano regional government in 2012.

Furthermore, in cooperation with the Vital Foundation, we have been awarded the “Healthy Company” certificate. As part of our efforts to reconcile work and family life, we offer our employees the opportunity to stay healthy and vital during working hours.
For example, family members can eat in our canteen at reduced prices or can choose to take their food home.

Other measures we implement as part of our family-friendly operation:

  • After the statutory parental leave, every woman can apply for a part-time contract.
  • After the statutory parental leave, mothers and fathers can apply for unpaid parental leave until the child starts kindergarten
  • To make it easier for employees to return to work after a longer period of absence (maternity, illness, etc.), the human department supports them during the first few days of work by providing additional supervision
  • Special working hours (known internally as summer working hours) for individual departments.
  • Every employee can apply for an individual timetable
  • In principle, every employee can apply for part-time work
  • We are looking into the possibility of offering “recreational activities” for employees’ children through internal electrical or mechanical courses. We are also striving for cooperation with “Estate Ragazzi”.
  • Children of our employees receive a basic equipment (school bag) for school attendance when they start school in the first class of primary school.
  • In cooperation with other companies, we are planning a company crèche for children up to the age of 10.
  • Cosy and friendly break areas
  • Family members are invited to an “open day” on the occasion of the barbecue party and thus gain an insight into our activities