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GRONBACH manufactures decorative elements for the automotive industry in interior and exterior areas such as trim strips or trim parts made of aluminium, stainless steel and plastic hybrid technology. Functional components and plastic injection molded parts with a focus on fan wheels and turbines are also essential components of our technologies. As a specialist for surface finishing, you have a wide range of colours (anodising, powder coating), noble shapes and surfaces (brushing, grinding, polishing, blasting) and high-quality individualisation (screen printing, pad printing, under-anodising printing, laser engraving, etching techniques) at your disposal.
In addition to the production of individual parts and the manufacture of complex assemblies as well as end products, we also offer you as a system supplier the complete project planning for new developments.
Our portfolio includes:

  • Automotive door sills
  • Interior visible parts, e.g. side applications, decorative panels and centre console applications
  • Exterior visible parts, e.g. trim strips and door handles
  • Push buttons, e.g. for door openers in public transport
  • Fan wheels and turbines

Manufacturer of door sills for the automotive industry as well as decorative trims

Our manufacturing expertise in the area of door sills

  • CNC sheet metal production
  • Forming of metals up to 5 mm material thickness and up to 500 t pressing force
  • Machining of aluminium and stainless steel
  • Back-moulding with different plastics for a long straight component made of 0.6 mm stainless steel and aluminium
  • Various bonding techniques
  • Different welding processes
  • Customized assembly systems

Manufacturer aluminium door sills and stainless steel

Our manufacturing competence for interior visible parts

  • High variety of colours, materials and surfaces possible
  • Realization of even complex geometries
  • Surface refinement in any desired type
  • No component distortion, no gaps
  • Injection moulding of technically demanding parts
  • Savings potential through the same tools for different materials
  • Sheet metal forming with the highest precision
Manufacturer aluminium door sills and stainless steel automotive

Automotive interior parts manufacturer

Hybrid, the technology of the future

Back-injection moulding opens up new fields and possibilities for designing components. We back-inject plastic and aluminium foils as well as stainless steel and aluminium metals. For our customers this results in:

  • New design possibilities
  • Higher quality than gluing
  • High savings potential

Additional information on our manufacturing technologies and our corporate network can be found in our brochures, which you can request free of charge. In addition, our competent staff will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Supplier components for the automotive industry Germany
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