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Companies need holistic solutions. GRONBACH in Laag maps the complete value-added chain for its customers – from idea generation, concept development and tool making to series production and logistics. Together with our customers, we evaluate the corresponding requirements for the kinematic product, such as the required end position, speed, force and life cycle duration as well as the available installation spaces and intermediate positions.

Our service includes:

  • Adjustment, optimization and redesign of existing hinge and kinematics solutions for individual installation situations
  • New development – design, prototyping and series production of customer-specific kinematics, including special kinematics, special hinges, pull-out systems
  • Development of additional components such as covers, springs, sleeves, fuses
  • Analyses and simulations via CAD and feasibility studies
  • Packaging and logistics
  • Quality assurance and after-sales support
  • Optional finishing options for surfaces via our network partners, e.g. powder coating, anodising

Potential product solutions:

  • Inside hinges, e.g. concealed hinges, multi-joint hinges
  • Special hinges, e.g. profile hinges, folding hinges, spring hinges, rolled hinges, rod hinges
  • Heavy duty hinges and hinges for individual loads
  • Electrically operated hinges, e.g. for oven doors
  • Linear slides, telescopic slides, partial and full extension slides

We are experts for kinematic applications in the field of white goods, but our main focus is on working independently of the industry. Please contact us to talk about your project.

Our process steps in development and design are divided into:

Idea generation during the development of metal components

Idea management and in-house developments

  • In-house developments
    • Idea generation through innovative workshops
    • Trend analyses, market studies and end-user experience
  • Developments according to customer specifications
  • Order developments
Manufacturing of metal components

Research and concept development

  • Requirement management in coordination with customer
  • Technology, patent and market research
  • Access to a wide range of technologies within our network
  • Cooperation with external engineering companies and service providers for flexible capacity expansion
Prototyping Italy

Construction and prototyping

  • Production-oriented finishing
  • Continuous design coordination with the customer
  • Testing and measuring laboratory for electrical, thermal and mechanical devices
  • Application technology and usability tests
Metal processing and metal working

Implementation in industrial production

  • Device approval
  • Development of documents and customized packaging systems
  • Testing laboratories
  • Cultivated supplier network and specialization in supply chain management
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Technologies in the field of kinematics

  • Extendable rail systems
  • Hinges
  • Development of special kinematics