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Aluminium finishing in anodising baths has been one of GRONBACH’s core competences for decades. Our anodising plant in Wasserburg enables the anodising (anodisation) of surfaces and individual components made of aluminium for optical purposes without affecting the metallic character of the aluminium. Our anodising process leaves the existing structure of the metal or uses pre-treatment methods (brushing, grinding, blasting, polishing) and refines the surface in various colour designs and gloss spectra. Anodized surfaces are characterized above all by high scratch resistance, excellent protection against weather influences such as corrosion and dirt.

Your benefits:

fact anodizing company

  • Design surfaces for the highest demands on aesthetics
  • Integration of structures, labels, logos and more
  • Different colour designs and gloss spectra
  • Individualised components for your customers and products
  • Resistance to fingerprints
  • Weather resistance and protection against corrosion, UV light and contamination
  • Anodising for all sectors, e.g. automotive industry, household, sanitary, medicine and many more
  • Product diversification and development of new target customers, e.g. in the premium segment

Anodising coating Bavaria Germany

Anodic oxidation

Anodic coating produces an extremely dense and hard oxide layer in an electrochemical process (electrolyte bath), which provides excellent protection against mechanical damage and weathering without impairing the metallic character of the aluminium. This anodised layer is firmly bonded to the aluminium, extremely hard, non-conductive and can be dyed abrasion-resistant using colour anodising. The anodized aluminum is finally compressed by boiling water.
For the various dyeing processes (including adsorptive, electrolytic or electrochemical polishing) a wide range of colours from natural aluminium, stainless steel look, grey to bronze to black is available in our plant in Wasserburg.

Anodising digital prints Germany

Anodising / Digital Printing

In this process, images, logos, lettering or graphics are digitally printed onto pre-anodised aluminium, hardened using UV light and then densified by anodising. In this way, all colour designs can be applied to aluminium in a resistant manner. » Details

Supplier selective partial anodizing Bavaria Germany

Selective / partial anodising

If components have to remain conductive at certain points, partial anodising is suitable, in which points on the surface are specifically left free of anodising during the coating process, without the need for complex finishing processes. » Infos

Anodised hybrid compounds Germany

Anodizing of back-injected components

We anodise components already back-injected with plastic according to your wishes. We refine the back-injected aluminium with various colours and finishes and, if desired, integrate light and sensors.

Aluminium refinement and surface refinement by anodising

GRONBACH – Your supplier for anodised surfaces and anodised coatings

As your anodising partner, we pre-treat a large number of manufacturing products individually according to customer requirements and appearance and design them with a wide variety of colour results. In addition to pre-treatment, we also produce various finishes using brushes, grinding, blasting and polishing.

Please feel free to contact us about your project. We will be happy to provide you with corresponding anodised samples.

Aluminium refinement and surface refinement by anodising

Surface refinement anodising

Further informations

Additional information on our anodizing processes, metal coatings and processing skills for metals such as stainless steel and aluminium can be found in our brochures, which you can order free of charge. In addition, our employees will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about our production technologies and our company network.

Anodizing of aluminium and stainless steel surfaces
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