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Powder coating is one of the most environmentally friendly processes for protecting and refining stainless steel, aluminium and steel. A wide range of colours as well as metallic effects, different degrees of gloss, e.g. matt, glossy, silk gloss and textures can be realised. Powder-coated surfaces also offer optimum protection against high temperatures, chemical and weather influences, corrosion and UV light. At GRONBACH we coat a wide variety of components such as sheet metal, moulded parts, furniture attachments, profiles and accessories made of sheet material and extruded profiles, e.g. for the automotive industry. The range of RAL colours includes over 210 shades, which we supply just in time. Innovation and quality from a single source.

Your advantages:

  • Different gloss levels
  • Design surfaces for the highest demands on aesthetics
  • Metallic effects
  • Individualized components for your customers and products
  • High quality colour designs with 210+ RAL colours
  • Abrasion-, scratch-, impact- and shock-resistant surfaces
  • Optimal edge coverage
  • Protection against weathering, high temperatures, UV light and corrosion
  • Contract manufacturing as well as manufacturing in small and large series
  • Max. processing sizes: approx. up to 180×140 cm

Powder coating

In powder coating, electrostatically charged powder is sprayed onto the production part and subsequently baked into the material at high temperatures. In this way, the powder bonds permanently with the component and at the same time ensures a high-quality colour design. Any colouring is possible – we produce RAL standard colours and even supply them just-in-time. We use polyurethane, polyethylene, epoxy and mixed powders in the variants easy-to-clean, hot-fat powder and standard, thus offering our customers additional benefits such as ease of cleaning if required.

Stainless steel powder-coated

GRONBACH – Your supplier for powder coatings

As specialists for metal coatings and powder coatings, we lend individual colour variations to a large number of manufacturing components. In addition to pre-treatment, we also produce various finishes using brushes, grinding, blasting and polishing.
The industries of our customers:
Automotive, household appliances, furniture industry, medical technology, appliance construction, lighting industry, sanitary, system gastronomy and much more.

Please feel free to contact us about your project. We will be happy to provide you with appropriate powder-coated samples.

Stainless steel powder-coated

different colours powder coating within our metal coating

Further informations

You can find additional information on our powder coating, metal coating and processing expertise for metals such as stainless steel and aluminium in our brochures, which you can order free of charge. In addition, our employees will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about our production technologies and our company network.

Manufacturer, supplier and producer Powder Coating
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Powder-coated aluminium surfaces and stainless steel surfaces
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