The ehinge® hinge with its electromechanical drive enables app-, gesture- or sensor-controlled opening and closing of appliance doors, providing a handle-free door design. By simply touching the sensor surface, for example with the elbow, doors can be opened and closed automatically, thus enabling a practical hands-free opening and closing system.
The drive can be used in a variety of ways, for devices and applications in the household appliance and furniture industries as well as for medical technology, and it can be customised to specific requirements.

Product innovation

door opening and closing.

The electromechanical drive of the ehinge® allows the opening and closing process to be conveniently programmed and controlled individually via a control button, a remote control or a mobile phone app. The servo support offers an alternative ergonomic opening process if the door, such as an oven door, is still to be opened manually. In combination with a special baking programme, the oven door will open automatically after the cooking process in order to allow the food to air – without actually touching it.

  • Functions
  • Customisation
  • Technical details
  • Fields of application
  • “Blocking protection” – if resistance is met, the opening or closing movement of the door will stop
  • Damped end positions
  • Invisible installation in the chassis
  • Intelligent force control
  • Control via push-button, WLAN, sensors
  • Can be adapted to other household appliances, e.g. wine dispenser or dishwasher
  • Side installation possible
  • Various front designs
  • Supply with 230V AC or 24V DC
  • Optionally with up to 100,000 movement cycles

Further variants of the ehinge® hinge are available, for example as a heavy-duty hinge or as a standard hinge without electromechanical drive.

Technical details
  • Comfort opening angle: -3 to 86 degrees
  • Torque range: 7 to 30 Nm
  • Life cycle: 20,000 to 100,000
  • Automatic reset after power interruption
  • Temperature range: suitable for cookers with pyrolytic cleaning function
Fields of application
  • Household appliance applications, e.g. oven doors
  • Doors for electrical appliances, e.g. wine cabinets
Manufacturer of electromechanical hinges for ovens

ehinge(R) from Gronbach: automatic contactless opening and closing of oven doors

Product portfolio

More kinematics.

  • Mechanical hinges
  • Freezer hinges
  • Fridge hinges
  • Full and partial extension rails

Flap door hinges

Our standard hinges are suitable for installation on the door or unit side and are available both as heavy-duty hinges and as hinges with an electromechanical drive.

Areas of application:

  • Ovens, range cookers and dishwashers.
  • Electrical appliances and furniture
  • Mechanical engineering

Hinges for freezer lids
Freezer cabinet hinges

The “S58” and “S58D” freezer cabinet hinges are characterised by the optimum interplay of force transmission and ideal angular position. The standard model is available without a damper, the S58D variant with a damper.
Both hinges ensure particularly smooth running and durability and have revolutionised classic cabinet applications for almost 50 years.

Our variants:

  • With or without adaptive damping
  • Individual hole pattern on the hinge leaf
  • Upgrade to Soft Close hinge with Add On module
  • Variant with up to 300,000 cycles

Fridge hinges

The frimotion® refrigerator hinge can be opened and closed either manually or handle-free via a sensor-controlled mechanism. The invisible and at the same time space-saving hinge requires no additional adaptation of the refrigerator and no additional installation space.

Customisation options:

  • Choice of manual, automatic and timer-controlled opening and closing
  • Individual opening angle
  • Smart home integration

Full- and partial extension rails

Partial and full extension rails for ovens and range cookers represent a central product group in our portfolio, providing a particularly stable and quiet gliding motion for the end user. Outside the household appliance industry, our drawer rails are adaptable for alternative fields of application, e.g. furniture systems and small industrial installations.


  • Full extension rails with a length of 392-434 mm
  • Partial extension rails with a length of 300-392 mm

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