Able to handle a wide range of requirements.

Our flap door hinges superbly meet the requirements for different doors and door weights, providing reliable, durable and convenient operation for their users. They are available as standard or heavy-duty mechanical or electromechanical hinges for installation on the unit or door side, which we adapt according to your specific requirements.

  • Details
  • Customisation
  • Fields of application

– Simplified unhooking of the door for maintenance and cleaning purposes
– With an opening angle of between 20° and 70°, the door remains in any position
– Patented hinge brake for increased hysteresis


– Adaptation of the hinge force to almost any door weight

Fields of application

– Household appliance industry, e.g. for cooker doors
– Mechanical engineering
– Furniture industry

  • Details
  • Customisation
  • Fields of application

– Angle of movement from -3 degrees to 86 degrees
– Door weights up to 13 kg
– End position damping on both sides
– Adaptable to ehinge® for fully automatic opening and closing
– Specific requirements, e.g. sensors can be integrated


– Optionally with or without damper
– 100,000 movement cycles on request
– Up to 30 kg load capacity
– With electromechanical drive
– Individual adaptation of closing and opening forces (e.g. for standard units and steamers)
– Individual adaptation of interface components possible (hinge arm, housing and catch)

Fields of application

– Household appliance industry, e.g. oven doors, dishwashers
– Furniture industry
– Mechanical engineering

Product portfolio

More kinematics.

  • Freezer hinges
  • Fridge hinges
  • Full and partial extension rails

Hinges for freezer lids
Freezer cabinet hinges

The “S58” and “S58D” freezer cabinet hinges are characterised by the optimum interplay of force transmission and ideal angular position. The standard model is available without a damper, the S58D variant with a damper.
Both hinges ensure particularly smooth running and durability and have revolutionised classic cabinet applications for almost 50 years.


  • With or without adaptive damping
  • Individual hole pattern on the hinge leaf
  • Upgrade to Soft Close hinge with Add On module
  • Variant with up to 300,000 cycles

Fridge hinges

The frimotion® refrigerator hinge can be opened and closed either manually or handle-free via a sensor-controlled mechanism. The invisible and at the same time space-saving hinge requires no additional adaptation of the refrigerator and no additional installation space.

Customisation options:

  • Choice of manual, automatic and timer-controlled opening and closing
  • Individual opening angle
  • Smart home integration

Full and partial extension rails

Our pull-out rails always run evenly, smoothly and quietly, regardless of weight, due to the highest precision.


  • Full extension rails with a length of 392-434 mm
  • Partial extension rails with a length of 300-392 mm

Fields of application:

  • Household appliance industry, e.g. ovens, steam cookers, refrigerators
  • Furniture systems
  • Small industrial systems

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